I Forgot I Loved You Teasers – March 2020 | Check Full Episode Details Here

I Forgot I Loved You Teasers – March 2020 | In this post, you will get the details of I Forgot I Loved You Teasers Episode, date and days.

Monday 2 March 2020
Episode 44

Gilberto asks Florencia to trust him because he is merely trying to correct all the wrongs he caused in the past, and he begs her to not marry Romulo. Pascual is upset to be told his father has hired Dario.

Tuesday 3 March 2020
Episode 45

Pascual confesses to Rosaura he concealed part of the truth from his younger siblings. Olivia asks Romulo to provide the documents Florencia signed since they are the guarantee for their evil plans.

Wednesday 4 March 2020
Episode 46

Olivia makes fun of Romulo when he claims to love Florencia, and Alfredo looks for the man who wants to push him away from Alba and the Coronel fortune, but his investigation incorrectly points at Dario.

Thursday 5 March 2020
Episode 47

Romulo succeeds in sowing doubts in Florencia as Olivia predicted. An outraged Alba feels her father manipulates her life and business will always be more important than her, which makes Rosaura advise her daughter.

Friday 6 March 2020
Episode 48

Olivia completes her plan to poison Florencia, who angrily reproaches Gilberto for being with her when he can’t remember if he killed Alonso. Dario hesitates to accept Melchor’s gift for working with the Coronel.

Monday 9 March 2020
Episode 49

A desperate Dario unwittingly puts his life in Melchor’s hands after the fatal accident he suffered with Lorena. Alfredo makes Alba feel like his accomplice by taking her to the site where he left Manuel.

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Tuesday 10 March 2020
Episode 50

Dario is in a difficult situation because of a tragic car accident. His job at Coronel Winery takes a drastic turn now that Melchor and Romulo want to increase their influence in Rivero Winery.

Wednesday 11 March 2020
Episode 51

Alba sees Alfredo’s true colors now that he’s blackmailing her with going to the police after she ‘killed’ her lover. Pascual and Gilberto promise Alba that welcoming a new investor to the winery is best.

Thursday 12 March 2020
Episode 52

Pascual saves Sonia from her attempted suicide, but everything is part of the sick woman’s plan. Gilberto welcomes Joaquin as their new investor and Dario listens to Olivia’s advice to steal from Gilberto’s safe.

Friday 13 March 2020
Episode 53

Gilberto intervenes when Alfredo acts like a bully with Ramon, the son of Rosaura, whose existence everyone ignored. Sonia takes advantage of her accident and resulting disability to torment Pascual.
Monday 16 March 2020
Episode 54

Ramon approaches Alba to speak with her after catching her crying because she feels lonely and remorseful for her mistakes. Gilberto tries to find out more about his father’s plans.

Tuesday 17 March 2020
Episode 55

Dario is speechless when he meets Adolfo, his father’s estranged brother. Maria Clara suggests to Alfredo they join forces against the Coronel, although she is in danger of losing Joaquin’s inheritance.

Wednesday 18 March 2020
Episode 56

Adolfo intervenes upon hearing Magdalena talking with Florencia about the client who will stop purchasing Coronel wines. Without realising it, Pascual and Mar connect more and more through work.

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Thursday 19 March 2020
Episode 57

Alba is desperate due to having to obey Alfredo because he knows her terrible secret. Gilberto warns Ramon he must work in the vineyard after making a serious mistake, even when Rosaura disagrees.

Friday 20 March 2020
Episode 58

Adolfo supports Florencia and Dario so they won’t lose the winery and can save the harvest. Sonia shows up at the winery upon finding out Pascual didn’t keep his promise to fire Mar.

Monday 23 March 2020
Episode 59

Magdalena takes Florencia to the hospital when she feels ill, but she refuses to undergo tests which can damage her pregnancy. Elsewhere, Ramon begins to show his envy when Sonia approaches him.

Tuesday 24 March 2020
Episode 60

Against Melchor’s wishes, Chavero interrogates Alba as a suspect in Manuel’s murder. Pascual talks with Mar about Sonia’s fits of jealousy, out of fear that she will show up to fight with the newcomer.

Wednesday 25 March 2020
Episode 61

Maria Clara tells Alfredo to pressurise Pascual into selling his land or their plan will backfire. At the vineyard, Magdalena advises her daughter Florencia to reach out to Gilberto to secure their grapes.

Thursday 26 March 2020
Episode 62

Chavero arrests Alfredo after finding text messages Olivia sent him. Rosaura tells Gilberto her daughter Alba is avoiding her to be with her father without realising she’s being manipulated.

Friday 27 March 2020
Episode 63

Gilberto asks Florencia to have his lawyers defend her because he knows she dated Marcos in her youth. Adolfo tries talking with Magdalena about the relationship they shared to settle their haunting past.

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Monday 30 March 2020
Episode 64

Pascual asks Gilberto to kick Ramon out of the winery because he’s causing problems with Sonia. Florencia gets an unexpected gift due to her impending motherhood, but finds out it’s not from Gilberto.

Tuesday 31 March 2020
Episode 65

Florencia lets Dario know she talked to Ana to make her understand Lorena was involved in a tragic accident, but the young woman insists on pressing charges against him. Pascual warns Ramon he knows he’s bad news.

Premiere episodes of I Forgot I Loved You air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 23h00.


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