Paramedic Learnerships Programme 2023-2024 | How to Apply

Paramedic Learnerships Application 2023/2024, How to apply for Paramedic Learnerships programme, requirements, eligibility, and application closing date 2023/2024.

Are you a student looking for Learnerships in South Africa in 2023/2024? Application is invited suitably and qualifies applicants for the Paramedic Learnership program 2023/2024. Learn about the process you’ll take to complete the application below.

Paramedic Learnerships Application 2023/2024

Ready to apply to Paramedic Learnerships? Here on, you get all information regarding the Paramedic leadership application form, how to apply online, requirements, and the application closing date of 2023/2024.

Learnerships are a great opportunity if you want to learn skills and develop a career. Learnerships for 2023/2024 are opening now and we always have details on the latest available Learnerships for you.

When you register for a Learnership Programme you will receive training toward a full qualification but you don’t have to pay study fees. In fact, when you register for a Learnership you will be paid in the form of a stipend. This means you will be paid monthly while you are on the leadership – the amount you will be paid depends on the academic level of the Learnership.

Paramedic Learnerships Programme Details

Interested applicants can apply for the Paramedic Learnership 2023/2024 provided they qualify and meet the program requirements.

Paramedics are part of the healthcare industry. Paramedics mainly work in an outdoor environment as part of the emergency medical service crew that is sent out with an ambulance. They mostly deal with home emergencies, road accidents and other accidents or circumstances that require emergency medical attention. This is usually when people cannot get to a hospital due to complications in an emergency situation. Paramedic Learnerships are popular in demand and are offered by health industry companies in South Africa.

This profession has developed greatly since the first emergency care personnel was used in 1970s. The first ambulances merely transported sick and injured people to hospital but these days they are more trained and seen as mobile nurses in a way. Every call received will be different from the previous or next one, thus, paramedics need to be experienced in cardiac arrest, resuscitation, essential treatments for internal, external damage, medication, delivering babies, mental health issues and more.

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Paramedic Learnerships Available

This field offers what the name states and basically offer paramedic learnerships. Many of the learnerships offered can be for a one or two year period. It usually includes practical and theoretical training or learning. It involves all aspects of emergency care including ambulance driving, medical procedures, medicine and more. It is a life-changing and saving career.

Available learnerships:

  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Care Worker
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Consultant Paramedic

Companies offering Paramedic Learnerships

Paramedic Learnerships Requirements

Most companies will have the same requirements for this field. However, if you intend to apply for paramedic learnerships be sure that you know what the company you are applying to require. If you do not meet all the stipulations, you are not eligible to apply. Here is a basic list of the stipulations you can expect.

Basic requirements/stipulations:

  • You must be a citizen of SA
  • Must have a valid ID book or document of South Africa
  • You must have completed your Grade 12 and hold a Matric certificate with a 50% average
  • Must have passed English, Mathematics & Physical Science with a 40% mark on level 4 (NGF)

Applicants must submit a CV, all academic results, copy of ID or citizenship with the application. All fields of the application must be completed and all detail provided on it must be current. Selected candidates who make the shortlist will be contacted and may be asked to attend an interview, health check or further assessments.

Overview of Learnership Programmes in South Africa 2023/2024

What is a Learnership

A Learnership is a work-based learning programme. This means that classroom studies at a college or training center are combined with practical on-the-job experience. We learn much better when we can practice what we have been taught in the classroom in a workplace environment.

By physically performing tasks that are learned in the classroom at the workplace, we can see what we have learned and what we did not understand. This allows us to ask the trainer to explain that part of the lesson again until we fully understand it.

Learnerships form part of a nationally recognized qualification that is directly linked to an occupation. This means that what you learn on leadership is not just for the particular job that you can get once you have finished the leadership; it also forms part of a higher qualification that you can study further through other Learnership or short courses.

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Each leadership has a specific level of qualification. An artisan like a bricklayer or a beautician, for instance, is a Level 4 Qualification. This means that if you want to become an artisan you will have to complete 4 four separate leadership (levels 1, 2, 3 & 4). There is no set time-frame in which you have to do these, as each level qualification remains in the system and will count towards the full qualification.

Who Benefits From Learnerships

In short, everybody!

The Learner:

  • You get access to free learning and better job opportunities
  • Can earn while you learn
  • Learnerships can help you to get into the workplace and/or get a formal qualification

The Employer:

  • Gets skilled, experienced workers who will need less supervision
  • Gets improved productivity
  • Can identify and solve gaps in skills and training
  • Educates and empowers employees, creating a happy workforce

The Industry:

  • Gets access to far more skilled and professional workers
  • Can develop employees to world-class standards
  • Becomes more competitive in the international market

How Do Learnerships Work

In the past, the education given in schools and other education facilities did not really have much in common with the working world. This meant that people entered the workplace with all of the knowledge but none of the practical experience on how to do the job.

Learnerships teach both the why and how to by creating a contract between the learner, the learning provider, and the organization or business. All learnership contracts must be registered with the Sector Education Training Authority (SETA) for that specific industry, which guarantees that the learnership programme is of a high standard.

If accepted into a learnership you will have to sign two legal contracts; a Learnership Agreement and an Employment Contract. The Learnership Agreement tells you exactly what responsibilities you, the training provider and the employer have. The Employment Contract is only for the period of the learnership. Learnerships last between 12 -24 months.

If you are unemployed, you will receive an allowance while you are on a learnership which is meant to cover costs like travel and food. If you are already employed you will only receive your normal salary.

During the learnership you will spend a certain period of time in a classroom, either at the company or organization or at other premises, and the rest of the time actually working and learning on the job at the company. It is important that you take advantage of the opportunity offered you to develop your skills, gain experience and grow your potential.  from, A learnership is the perfect way to show the trainers and the organization what you know, as it could lead to a permanent job with that company or organisation, so take your learnership seriously.

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You will be expected to do certain written and practical tasks while on the learnership as part of your studies. Learnerships are outcomes-based, which means that you will be assessed (tested) on what you have learned through the various stages of the learnership, not only at the end of it.

You will get an official certificate that will state the qualification, and indicate the area in which you have developed skills during the learnership if you are considered to be competent at the end of it. This qualification is nationally recognized.

Completing a learnership is not a guarantee of employment, but many learners do get employed by companies or organizations where they did their learnerships. Even if that company does not employ you, you stand a much better chance of getting employed with a learnership qualification than without one.

Who Qualifies for a Learnership

Learnerships are designed for all levels and as such is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 60. This includes the unemployed and the employed, the able-bodied and the disabled.

How Does One Get Access to a Learnership

Decide in which line you want to study and either speak to your employer or contact your nearest Labour Centre or Provincial Office of the Department of Labour to find out whether there are any learnerships that you can apply for.

Some learnerships have certain conditions, such as only accepting learners who have a Grade 12, speak more than 1 language, or have computer skills, for instance. Other learnerships do not have any requirements.

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  1. I want to apply paramedic learnership programme 2021.

    I’m interested in helping people, hard worker. Self motivation, fast learner

  2. I wish to become a paramedic or ambulance Driver I have my metric certificate a valid drivers license with 3 years Experience.

  3. I am a dedicated student , Patient enough, hard worker can also work under pressure. It will be a pleasure to be given this opportunity of getting a learnership it would be a strat of my journey as a young students

  4. The reason why I’m applying for this job is that i do have the requirements of this job and I am a south Africa citizen with a matric certificate and I can speak both Afrikaans and English Languages.

  5. Iam 37 yrs old….and I have diploma of occupational health and safety,… secretary certificate…risk management certificate… center certificate…and short term cause of counseling and project management….so pls help me on how to apply … paramedic learnership

  6. Good evening

    I just heard about 2021 learnership from Paramedics, i am really interested in it. Kindly requesting an easy way to apply for it.

    Thank you

  7. Am interested am willing to learn paramedic but i don’t know where to start.
    And I don’t have those subject maths and physical sciences and I want to be a paramedic where do i start ?

  8. My name is Pontsho Kupi, i only have statement of results and Abet level 4 ancillary certificate. I’m a fast learner and a hard working person i really like your department and i like to communicate working with patients is part of my skill.

  9. I’m from Eastern Cape and I want to do paramedic
    so would you please notify about paramedic learnerships for 2021

  10. Paramedic learnership
    My name is Michell Basetsana Ngwepe, I will really love to be part of the learnership program. Please consider my application

  11. As a learner from Rauwane Sepeng High school I will like to take this moment to apply for a Paramedic course for 2022. I am doing Matric, I am doing pure maths and sciences, am turning 18 years on the 18th of July.

  12. Good afternoon
    When you are a Pharmacist assistant qualified do you still need matric maths and science subjects to enroll for a Paramedic Learnership ? I am locum for the past 3 years but has worked in the pharmacy for 22 years where I started as a cashier and worked myself up to a Pharmacist assistant after 9 years of cashier – stock receiver – Pharmacist Assistant. You can check on my Reg nr : PB080379 at the pharmacy council.

  13. Greetings.
    Can I please get link for application forms for the learnership.
    I saw via Netcare that their application form has fees payable, therefore I wanted to find out whether the course is free or it’s payable.

  14. I want this job in this hard time of covid 19 i don’t want my family to go in bed with an empty stomach I am a hard-working person

    • Good day. I would like to apply this position of paramedic leaner ship. I am a hard working and I know how to get the job done

  15. Any recommendations on where I can do paramedic training, I’m interested in having a career in the medical industry.
    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  16. Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m Tamkazi Mancoba in the Province of WC. I’m a 36 year old female with one child and i just received this advert of Paramedic Learnership from a friend. I’m a very hard working person and i love challenges. I’m an ambitious person who desire to be great one day. This Learnership can be a great start for my career. I would love to be one of your learners.
    Thank you

  17. I think It good opportunity for us to train for more skills and we can get jobs after thank you I would like to join

  18. Good day sir/madam

    I’m really interested in this Learnership and I’d love to know how to apply and participate in it. I’d really appreciate if you give me feedback on how to be part of this great initiative.

    Thank you.

  19. Hi”
    I humbly just wanted to find out how do I get application or either apply for the current available paramedic learnership?

    • I like to be the one who will be chosen in the learnership to prove my skill,talent and dedication to be the will be a great owner

  20. Hey guys i do like to be a part of Paramedic learnership for the year 2021 to 2022 .
    This can change my life

  21. My name Sphumuzo Mamba . How can i apply for this learnership? I need it please. Ive aleady had a code 10 licence iam so desparete please help me 2021_ 2022 learneship

  22. Good day sir/madam I’m muzamani Richard mkoben, I am currently unemployed and am interested on paramedic learnership, I passed grade12 with 50% on mathematics and 50 % on physical science, I also passed N1-N4 electrical engineering, iam a hardworking person,creative,self starter, dedicated and team work

  23. I would like apply for paramedic can I have the application forms and everything so that I can pay for the registration fee and submit my forms

  24. good morning my kids is interesting in this learnership please contact them
    064 079 2039 Nono
    079159 1882 Itumeleng

  25. Hi my name is Ms Lerato Molebogeng Madikwe, I am interested in joining for Paramedic Learnership as I am much more interested in help our community members, to safe lifes and to look after the needs in our society, my contact numbers are 0833200302

  26. Hi I am Makaziwe winnie Monele i would to be part of paramedic learnership i have matric .this learnership can make a big change in mylife .Regards Makaziwe Monele.

  27. Hi guys I am interested in this paramedic learnership for the year 2021.
    Where can I get the application form

  28. Greetings my name is Sindiswa And I’m very much interested in this learnership and would like to know if I can go to the nearest Netcare will I get the form there ?,will be kindly waiting for your response.Thank you.

  29. How do I apply I’m based in North West Dr KK district. If someone know regardinig on to how to apply too please fill me in here 0619115771 on WhatsApp.

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  34. It will be ab honor to save as a paramedic here in my province as i’m willing to help those in great danger and who are in need of hospital

  35. I’m Richard mothapo I’m very much interested to study and learn I’m 35 years old I have first aid certificate I passed grade 12 ;public administration ;computer literacy and Driver’s license code 10 with PDP
    My contact no is 0727729158

  36. Hi mam or sir
    I’m interested in these learnership and I would be happy if I can be nominated to learn and make difference in the world.please consider mi request in
    Thanks you

  37. Hi it is with great pleasure for me to learn about your advert of paramedic training, my name is Buntukazi Mrululu and i am 33yrs old. I am very much interested in this free training as per your advert.

  38. Hi I’m very interested on this Paramedic learnership but I don’t know how to apply for this learnership

  39. Hy my name is Ofentse Mathebula from Pretoria. I’m interested in the leanership. How do I apply or where should I come and get the application forms

  40. Hi I would be glad to join this years program and also gain some experience and indeed help the community in this time of need . you will update on the learnership through my email address

  41. Hi Im zennah i would like to have this leanership ….Im currently working at the Swaziland health hospital. im a south African …im interested can i get this leanership 2021/2022 please.

  42. Guy’s this is not true. Reason being why can’t we see a link that direct us straight to the learnership that we want to apply for or an application form, well I’ve been advised by someone who works for city of JHB that after municipal elections that’s when the will be opportunities so le have in that.

  43. Greetings to all my name is Malebogo Galobewe I am interested on paramedic Learnership program, I just wanted know how to apply
    Thank you

  44. Good afternoon …!
    I’m Nomapelo from Eastern Cape, i really interested in this learnership of paramedic.
    I just want to apply now.

  45. Good day

    I’m interested for this learnership,and I’m sure it will also change my life,can you please help me with application

  46. I am currently a qualified care worker, working for oldmutual as a financial advisor, I am more interested in paramedic job as my dream is to save my people of South Africa….I will highly appreciate it if I can get the leanership..

    Thank you, looking forward to your response.

  47. I would like to apply for the position of paramedic learnership, I am 28 years old graduated at Tut 2016. I would be glad I got nominated to be part of this learnership program.

  48. Hi I’m really interested in the learnership, how can I get a link to apply for it or the email address to submit the required documents.

  49. Dear sir/madam
    I’ll like to be one of your learners but I don’t know how to apply,will u please assist me with more information,i’m around Groblersdal, Limpopo Province.

  50. Hi my name is Macjavian Weimers a citerzen of South Africa, I been wanting this job since I was grade 4
    I have been done with school the year 2020 and my dream was always to be one of the brave candidates to help other people, I will be trill if you consider me as one of your candidates for the work thank you God bless my number is 0744078169

  51. Good afternoon.
    my name is Ernest Tshehlanyane and I saw the Learnership via Internet and I’ll love to be one of your team players. I am a dedicated male, outgoing, fast learner and i can work under-pressure, with or without any supervisor.
    yours sincerely.
    Ernest Lerato

  52. Good afternoon
    I’m frendolene Leandré Sass,I am interested in joining for Paramedic learnership as I am much more interested in helping our community members and kindly like to know how I can apply.please consider my request.Thank you

  53. Hi,my name is Tlou,I would like to grab this opportunity as a paramedics but I can’t access the application form,how can I apply?
    Please contact me for assistance 0746058139
    Thank you in advance

  54. I’m interested in applying for this learnership program. I meet all the requirements and would like to get the link to apply.
    Thank you

  55. Daie sir/Madam I am Sphamandla Mkhize I hereby apply for paramedic learnership that has been advertised. I am a person who is enthusiastic team player fast learner and i can work under pressure. I trust that my application will receive you favourable consideration

    Yours Faithfully

  56. Hi
    I’m Zolani Phanya I’m working at Panorama mediclinic as a MHR driver, I have code 10 drivers license, I’m have 11 years driving experience
    I’m intrested to be an ambulance driver, I have grade 12 certificate.

  57. Good day
    I’m kediemetse Kalamore and am interested In paramedic leanership. I have matric, valid drivers licence and I also completed 1 year course in social auxiliary work.

    Please inform me about applications.

    Thank you.


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