Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Stenden University

Stenden University Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

Stenden University Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What career prospects do I have with the Disaster Management degree?

  • Red Cross, UNICEF, Mercy Corps, Green Peace – Humanitarian Management
  • National, Regional and Local Government
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Operations Management
  • Insurance

What do Disaster Managers do?

Disaster Managers assess disasters, forecast disasters that may happen, and prepare for disasters that may occur. They are highly skilled Managers who co-ordinate disaster response and relief efforts and also implement mitigation and prevention measures.


Are there many job opportunities for Disaster Managers?

Yes, and Stenden South Africa offers the first degree of this kind in the world. Therefore, having the BBA Disaster Management Degree will set graduates apart from other applicants in this field. The course aims at fulfilling the requirements of management positions in organizations with service and disaster as their essential function, or as an important part of the complete organization.

Where could I work as a Disaster Manager once I have qualified?

There are many opportunities available to graduates. Most will find employment in the NGO sector internationally, such as the various sections of the United Nations, but there are also opportunities to work at local and regional Disaster Management Centres in South Africa and overseas.


What subjects will I study as part of my Disaster Management Degree at Stenden South Africa?

Logistics Management, English Communication, Strategic Management, Disaster Management Operations, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Spanish Communication, French Communication, Project Cycle Management, Disaster Management Planning and Implementation, Research Methods, Field Research, Managing Climate Change and its Effects. You will also be able to choose two electives from the following specializations in your third year of study: Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Community Building and Risk/Vulnerability Reduction, Food Security in Africa, Climate Change, Severe Weather, Extreme Events and Disasters, International Protocol and Diplomacy (in Thailand).

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What will I do during my internship in my 4th Year of study?

This is a 10-month internship, where the student will work at an establishment where he or she has been placed at. During this time, you will gain valuable work-based experience in a disaster management work area, thereby providing you with a competitive advantage when seeking employment after you have graduated.

Is Disaster Management the same as Emergency Management?

There are some similarities, but essentially Disaster Management deals with the full spectrum of prevention, mitigation, response, relief and reconstruction/rehabilitation, whereas Emergency Management deals more with local, national and international emergencies and associated response and relief measures after they have occurred.

Will I get an internationally recognized Degree?

The BBA Disaster Management Degree is a South African Degree, but Stenden South Africa is affiliated with Stenden University in the Netherlands.


Will I be able to study at one of the other Stenden campuses during my Degree?

Yes, there will be options to do your minor specification at one of the other Stenden campus sites.

What Practical Training will I do as part of my Degree?

First Aid Training, Management of Weapons and Ammunition, Basic Fire Awareness, Management of Hazardous Materials, Refugee Camp and Character Building. In addition, Stenden South Africa will set up a simulated Operations Centre after a field visit to a properly managed Operational Disaster Management Centre. There will also be visits to a variety of National Key Points, vulnerable points and different Disaster Management Centres.

Can I study for the degree on a part-time basis?

No, the BBA Disaster Management Degree is a 4 year full- time course.



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