Boston City Campus Bursaries Application 2023

Boston City Campus Bursaries Application 2023, Requirements Application Dates, and How to apply.

Boston City Campus & Business College Bursaries Application Process.

The Boston City Campus has a mission to provide relevant quality education to all learners, with a vision of Education. For Life.  We wish to be involved in the learner’s life for an extended period, meaning that we are not just studying partners, but also work-life partners. We work in national, sectoral as well as local contexts. In this, we believe that all students should be given an opportunity.


Our bursary programme has been running since the inception of the campus in 1991. It has always been our aim to graduate as many learners as possible and see them through to the workplace. The bursary programme has evolved over the years, starting in Finance with an aim to increase the number of black CA’s in South Africa.  We maintain contact with graduates of this programme, who are now found in employment in the IDC as well as at African Bank.

We have a committee that evaluates every request for a bursary. These requests are submitted via the branch managers through our new SAM system. Applications are submitted with all relevant documents including ID’s, matric certificates and a letter of motivation.


Every submission is considered by the committee. An attempt is made to assist as many applicants as possible for the campus, bearing in mind extraneous financial responsibilities that will be placed on the learner such as transport, food etc. Of huge benefit to our bursary recipients is that they will not have to spend extra money on textbooks as all books are included in the learners’ fees/ bursary.

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The committee manages and awards bursaries for Boston City Campus on a semester basis, following May and November applications. Their aim is to assist as many learners as possible. Assistance is provided towards Boston tuition fees and textbooks, external examination fees, stationery, residence and travel costs are excluded from Boston awarded bursaries.

Additional Bursary T’s and C’s

  • Bursaries may only be used towards studies for which a student has NOT YET registered for. This applies to new and registered students.
  • Bursaries may not be transferred to a third party. Should a student not make use of the awarded bursary, it will become null and void.
  • NO late application for bursaries will be accepted.
  • No reasons will be given as to the awarding or declining of a bursary. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Bursaries may not be redeemed for cash
  • Registration fees, external fees, travel costs, accommodation costs and stationery expenses are not covered by the bursary
  • Should you select a course that exceeds the value of your bursary, the additional cost is for your own account. Should your fees account amount to less than the value stipulated above, no change will be given and no credit toward other modules/qualifications.
  • Applicants must be at a minimum 17 years of age. Enrolment must be endorsed by their legal guardian and/or parent in writing if under the age of 18. All students under the age of 18 must have written consent to register.

It has always been the belief of the campus that academic success is greatly increased when one matches a learner’s interest and talents to his/her career choice. It is for this reason that we allow bursary recipients to select their own career/path of studies.

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You will need to communicate with your Boston branch manager. It is the manager’s prerogative whether to accept online bursary applications, or whether to ask for submission with documents at the campus.

  • You will need to submit a copy of your ID
  • A copy of your matric certificate for new students
  • A strong letter of motivation of why you should be awarded the bursary
  • A copy of your Boston results if you are a returning student
  • Email requests to Head Office will not be accepted. Every application must be made on our Bursary system by the branch manager.

Bursaries for Sem A – Apply 1 – 30 November 2023 for 2023 studies

Bursaries for Sem B – Apply 1 – 30 May 2023




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