Boston City Campus & Business College Application 2024/2025

Boston City Campus Application 2024/2025, Admission Requirements, Application Dates, How to apply, and Contact Details.


Boston City Campus & Business College Application Process

The Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd strives to enhance, uplift and continuously improve the quality of education and training in Southern Africa through the commitment to: “Education. For Life.”

This mission is supported in official pronouncements, which make it clear that “At the centre of the transformation agenda in education is the principle of lifelong learning and the need to rectify the inequities of the past through increased access to Higher Education, which is essential to promoting skills and human resource development and a pre-condition for facilitating social and economic transformation” (CHE, 2008).

NOTE: Boston City Campus offers students the possibility of registering for any module in either Higher Education Programmes or Occupational Programmes as Occasional Students. Students who choose to pursue this route of study, elect to enrol in modules for non-qualification purposes.


In other words, Occasional Students are not intending to complete a qualification. Their interest is in professional and personal development. Should students who complete modules as Occasional Students wish to enrol in one of Boston’s programmes, the guiding principles of Boston’s policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Credit Accumulation and Transfer will apply.

Boston City Campus Admission Requirements

Programme-specific admission requirements are determined by the Board of Directors, Academic Committee and where applicable as prescribed by the various Institutes, Quality Councils and SAQA.

Boston’s provision of a wide range of Short Learning Programmes, well established within the Higher Education system globally, is very important in contributing to meeting the objectives of lifelong learning, correcting inequalities and underscoring aspirations. These offerings serve the following key purposes:

  • Enabling access to Higher Education to those who were denied access and/or who may not meet the formal entry requirements for Higher Education; and,
  • Meeting the needs of employees and professionals to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge.
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Boston has, wherever possible, taken into consideration all policies pertaining to these different scopes of study; however, where any institute other than Boston is concerned, additional policies and procedures, rules and regulations may apply. Please ensure you enquire at the Boston Tuition/Support Centre/Site regarding such issues and that you have all respective documentation pertaining to the specific institute, particularly:

  • Membership application, fees and due dates.
  • Examination application forms, fees and due dates.
  • Examination/assessment dates and venues.
  • Examination/assessment booking, cancellation and resubmission policies and procedures.
  • If a student’s Boston account is in arrears, no external assessment bookings will be allowed to be made. In addition to this, if a student has made payment arrangements, no bookings will be allowed until such time as the account is fully up to date.

While Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd staff endeavour to ensure streamlined administration in this regard, the onus lies with the student to ensure that prescribed dates and deadlines are met in order for Boston to submit necessary documentation correctly and timeously.

Boston City Campus Admission of Non-South African Resident Students

Admission of non-South African resident students is subject to the conditions set out in the Refugee Act 130 of 1998 (relevant to amendments), the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 (and with consideration to any amendments or directives relating to Immigration Regulations).

The success of a non-South African resident application depends on both the confirmation of academic acceptance and the obtaining of the necessary statutory documentation and state approval.

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Boston City Campus Quotations

Prospective students may enquire at any of the Boston regional Tuition/Support Centre/Site to obtain a quotation on the curriculum and fees of a programme.

Please consult the Boston Prospectus on the availability of programmes offered at the various Boston Tuition/Support Centres/Sites. Certain programmes are only available at selected Tuition/Support Centres/Sites.

Quotations will provide prospective students with various payment options to suit their needs. Quotations are only valid for a period of 30 days. On expiry, a prospective student will have to request a new quotation from a Sales Consultant at a Boston Tuition/Support Centre/Site.

The relevant Banking details will be available from the Boston Tuition/Support Centre/Site where the quotation was generated.

On acceptance of a quotation, a student will be registered with the Institution and a formal invoice will be provided to the student. Please make reference to the terms and conditions as contained in the Boston Registration Contract and the Student Information and Rulebook.

Boston City Campus Disability Needs

The Institution can unfortunately only accommodate certain needs and this varies between Tuition/Support Centres/Sites. Each Centre/Site will be able to provide specific details about its facilities.

Students are required/encouraged to declare any disability at the time of registration for recording in the Institution’s Information Management System and Student Administration Management system and reporting purposes to the Department of Education and Training (DHET).

Boston City Campus Right of Admission

Admission is determined by the Institution. Irrespective of meeting the admission criteria, the Institution exercises the right to refuse admission. Unsuccessful applicants may request written reasons for such refusal from the Office of the Registrar.

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Boston City Campus Disclaimer

This Application for Admission Form (Form) and accompanying Fact Sheet is accurate at the time of publication.

Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to alter any of the content due to changes in regulations, market requirements and other reasons. Please note that meeting any of the admission requirements does not necessarily guarantee entry into a qualification.

All applications will be evaluated on an individual basis and acceptance will depend on the decision of the Academic Committee at Head Office in Orange Grove or Sandton respectively. This Form is not a Registration Contract. The Signatory(s) hereby confers the right on @vbOrgRefTitle to verify the information supplied in this Form. The Applicant hereby consents to Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd communicating with them by any manner of communication including, but not limited to, SMS, email and chat forums.

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In the event that the Applicant no longer wishes to be contacted she/he must submit a letter to the Head Office in Orange Grove or Sandton respectively, addressed to the Head of Marketing and The Registrar stating their request.

For the purpose of this agreement “Boston” shall mean Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd and/or its officially licensed franchisee.

Boston City Campus Contact Information

Boston City Campus (Pty) Ltd:

National Call Centre:
(011) 551-2000

Head Office: Johannesburg
(011) 551-9000
247 Louis Botha Avenue Orchards

Head Office: Stellenbosch
(021) 815-4800
19 Electron Avenue Cap du Mont Building Techno Park





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