Boston City Campus & Business College Payment Plans

Boston City Campus Payment Plans.

The Boston City Campus & Business College has payment plans available to suit the needs of a varied student body.


Financially times are tough, there is no doubt about that, but education is crucial to a thriving and economically successful society, so how can students find the balance between quality education and an affordable payment plan?

Boston City Campus has the solution with its range of payment plans. A tailor-made solution can make a huge difference to a student in terms of the plans available.

Boston City Campus & Business College offers payment plans that will allow students to spread the cost over three, eight or ten months, which will significantly relieve the strain of having to gather large sums of money in only a few payments. The innovative College recently launched a ten-month payment plan; and students will be pleased to discover that paying for their studies just got a little easier.


In essence the ten-month plan will allow students to slowly make the necessary contributions as money becomes available to them while completing their course. In this way the College will be helping the learner to pay for tuition through a more understanding and affordable payment solution.

With a part-time job it is not always easy to pay off one’s studies, and a student loan will often become the only way to afford the kind of top-class education that will be worth the investment, but the payment plans at Boston make the part-time model of work and study a viable option to pursue.

Get The Right Start at Boston, and don’t pay an arm and a leg for it. With over 100 different career paths to choose from at 48 colleges, 15000 learners on various payment plans cannot be wrong. Register now and your future will be the better for it, while your wallet will be pleased with finding a payment plan that suits your financial abilities.

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To find out more about the payment plans available at Boston City Campus & Business College, or discuss options with someone who can help you, go into one of our many campuses around the country, contact us on 0115512000 or email





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