College of Production Technology Banking Details & Fees 2025/2026

College of Production Technology Banking Details 2025/2026… Approved CPT Tuition Fees Structure 2025/2026 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master’s, Diploma, and Certificate programs students.

This is to inform all the students of the College of Production Technology (CPT) that the management of the institution has released and published the approved fees payable by all students of this great citadel of learning for the 2025/2026 academic session.

College of Production Technology Banking Details include account number, account name, branch, and branch code as well as the official College of Production Technology fees structure.

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Learn what payment methods are available for paying student fees and access College of Production Technology banking details below.

College of Production Technology Banking Details 2025/2026

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At the time we published this post, the official banking details of CPT are yet to be released online, please kindly reach out to the school for more information.

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College of Production Technology Tuition Fees Structure 2025/2026

Please understand that at the time of publishing this information, the official College of Production Technology fee structure is subject to change without prior notice.

Fees include all the amounts that are payable in order for you to study and graduate on time. It is important for undergraduate students to note that tuition fees differ between the faculties at College of Production Technology.

For postgraduate, Master’s, Honours, and Doctorate students: as a returning student, your fees may look quite different from that of an undergraduate student.

International students should note that the registration and tuition fees that apply to them are slightly different from that of local students. Read more about the differences and payable fees.

Click here to view the tuition fees that are payable per faculty.


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