Cornerstone Institute Fees 2024/2025 & Financial Aid Application Process

Cornerstone Institute Financial Aid Application Process, Cornerstone Institute Fees 2024/2025 approved to be paid by each Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate, Diploma, Short Course, and Distance Education programmes student.

Cornerstone Institute Fees

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Cornerstone is an independent, not-for-profit higher education institution engaged in teaching and learning in service of others, to advance human dignity and social justice for all.

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Cornerstone Institute Fees Structure 2024

Please understand that at the time of publishing this information, the official Cornerstone Institute fee structure is subject to change without prior notice.

Fees include all the amounts that are payable in order for you to study and graduate on time. It is essential for undergraduate students to note that tuition fees differ between the faculties at Cornerstone Institute.

For postgraduate, Master’s, Honours, and Doctorate students: as a returning student, your fees may look quite different from that of an undergraduate student.

International students should note that the registration and tuition fees that apply to them are slightly different from that of local students. Read more about the differences and payable fees.

The official Cornerstone Institute Tuition and fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online and published below;

Cornerstone Institute Financial Aid Applications for 2024

  • Financial aid applications for new students registering for the January 2024 intake closes at the end of January 2024.
  • Financial aid applications for new students registering for the July 2024 intake closes at the end of June 2024.
  • Financial aid applications for current students registering for the 2024 academic year closes at the end of October 2022.
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Cornerstone Institute Banking Details

Your safety and the confidentiality of your information are of the utmost importance to us. Please be vigilant when making payments. We advise you to please be wary of scams and unregistered individuals who may reach out to you for the purpose of payment. We urge you ONLY to make use of the banking details provided to you at registration or below.

If you still wish to pay at the bank, Use the details below, Please make sure that you input the correct information and amount.

Account Name Cornerstone Institute
Bank Nedbank
Branch Number 102510 (Parow)/198765 (Universal Code)
Account Number 107 503 0269
International Swift No: NEDSZAJJ

Cornerstone Institute Fees Payment Information


  • The annual fee is determined by the number of modules the student registers for the academic year (January – November). Each module is assigned a specific credit value which also determines the time needed to do this module.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Each student (including July intake) is required to register in January each year and pay the initial payment.
  • Students who register in July are registered for the second semester of the academic year (July-November).
  • Students studying for non-credit purposes (AUDIT) pay half of the tuition fee applicable.
  • Tuition fee rate is double for International students. (Excludes African Countries).
  • Campus-based students who require a study visa to study at Cornerstone must pay 60% of the tuition fee in advance before a visa letter will be issued. (This includes African Countries).
  • Financial aid applications for new students close at the end of January.
  • Financial aid applications for returning students close at the end of October
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  • Students are responsible for the full payment of all fees and expenses according to their annual statement.
  • R2000.00 Annual payment plan fee will not be applicable with payment of the non-refundable initial payment made at registration and the balance of tuition fees by the end of February.
  • R1000.00 deducted from the annual payment plan fee with payment of the non-refundable initial payment made at registration and balance of tuition fees by end of March.
  • R1000.00 Annual payment plan fee will not be applicable with payment of the non-refundable initial payment made at registration and the balance of tuition fees paid by the end of July. (July intake)
  • If a student is being sponsored, it is the student’s responsibility to contact sponsors to ensure payments are met.
  • Students must always use their student number as a reference for ALL correspondence with the financial office.
  • Students must ensure that they check their statements. Statements will be considered correct if no written communication is received within 30 days of date of statement. Enquiries can be made at the financial office at
  • Receipts are only issued for cash payments.
  • When making EFT payments, students should email proof of payment to
  • Statements are sent via email. Copies can be obtained directly from the finance office.
  • Promotional discounts may be offered from time to time. Conditions apply.
  • By the end of the first semester, half of the students’ total outstanding fees for the year must be settled in order for a grade report to be issued.


  • For the January intake, an Initial Payment of R5000.00 is payable before or at registration. The balance of the fees will be divided into a 10-month payment plan, from February – November.
  • For the July intake, an Initial Payment of R5000.00 is payable by the end of June. The balance of the fees will be divided into a 5-month payment plan, from July – November.
  • The Initial Payment is applied to the tuition fee.
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  • The R5000 initial payment is non-refundable.
  • All administration fees due at registration will not be refunded.
  • Cancellation AFTER the first 10 (ten) working days at the start of a semester: only tuition fees in advance (less non-refundable costs and withdrawal fee) of the student’s current semester will be refunded.
  • Non-compliance with withdrawal/cancellation procedure will result in no refunds.


Students who are more than 30 days outstanding will be put on financial suspension, resulting in the following consequences:

  • The student may not attend class.
  • Access to course material on the student portal will be withheld.
  • Examination results and/or qualifications will be withheld.
  • Should a student’s first semester fees not be settled by the end of the first semester, the second-semester modules will be cancelled and an automatic fee suspension will be applied
  • Registration for the following year is not permitted unless the student’s account is settled in full.
  • Failure to meet the agreed payment plan will result in the outstanding fees being handed over for collection with costs.

However, if you have queries regarding the Cornerstone Institute fees 2024, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.



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