Central University of Technology (CUT) Fees Schedule 2023

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Central University of Technology (CUT) Fees Structure

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Central University of Technology (CUT) Fees Structure 2023

The management of the Central University of Technology has released the new & returning students’ school fees structure as well as CUT tuition fees booklet, students bursary, banking details, registration fees, examination fees, class fees, finance booklet, and other fees charged for the 2023 academic year.

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The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate, Short Course, and Diploma programmes at the Central University of Technology (CUT).

The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council and we will update it ASAP.

Download or view the CUT Fees Calendar (PDF)

Contact us for a quote of the full amount payable for studies.

The CUT Council determines the various fees payable annually.

The following conditions of payment apply:

  • Year students: Monthly installments of equal payments over nine months. Due date for full balance payable is end of October annually.
  • Semester students for semester 1: Monthly installments of equal payments over four months. Due date for full balance payable is end of May annually.
  • Semester students for semester 2: Monthly installment of equal payments over four months. Due date for full balance payable is end of October annually.

Application fee: No refund applies with respect to the application fee.

Accommodation deposit: A deposit made in respect of accommodation fees shall be refunded in the following instances:

  • If no accommodation is available.
  • If the applicant is not selected.

A student may only register for an assessment (examination) if all the fees for that particular year of study have been paid in full. In cases where it is subsequently discovered that a student is in arrears in respect of payments, the assessment results shall be withheld.

In cases where a student has not paid the full account in respect of a previous year, said student shall not be permitted to reregister before the account in question has been settled in full.

In cases where two or more students from the same family household are simultaneously registered at CUT, the following discounts apply:

  • Second student: 15 %;
  • Third and fourth students: 25 %

Discount on payment in cash or by bank-guaranteed cheque: A discount of ten percent (10 %) is granted in the event of all tuition fees being paid in full, in cash or by bank-guaranteed cheque, upon registration. Accounts may also be settled by credit card, but without a cash discount being applicable.

No cancellation credits shall be payable, irrespective of the point in time at which the student vacates the residence. (One night spent in the residence is regarded as equivalent to the student having resided in the residence for the entire month.) For details go to Campus Accommodation.

In cases where an employer has already indicated that he/she will accept responsibility for the full payment of tuition and/or accommodation fees, the student must include the letter in which notification to that effect is provided with the registration documents. This letter must give an indication of the date(s) on which such payment(s) will be made.


A bursary is a form of financial assistance given to a student for further study or training. Bursaries may differ in terms of an amount of money and duration. Students are selected according to various criteria set by donors, which could include academic merit and financial need. Some bursaries require that students sign a contract to enter the employment of the donor after graduation.


The scholarship amount is normally based on outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships do not normally require the recipient to repay the scholarship and usually, have no employment conditions attached.


A loan is money borrowed, which must be repaid upon completion of studies. Loans are available from banks and institutions like Eduloan. The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) is a South African Government-funded structure offering assistance to academically deserving and financially needy students. Students may apply for this type of loan at the Financial Aid offices of CUT. Up to 40% of this type of loan can be converted into a bursary, depending on the end-of-year results.

Students can contact Finance via e-mail 

Finance enquiries can be done e-mail.

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology:

[email protected] and [email protected] (Bloemfontein Campus)

[email protected] and [email protected] (Welkom Campus)

Faculty of Management Sciences:  

[email protected] and [email protected] (Bloemfontein Campus)

[email protected] and [email protected] (Welkom Campus)

Faculty of Humanities:

[email protected] and [email protected] (Bloemfontein Campus)

[email protected] and [email protected] (Welkom Campus)

Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences:  

[email protected] and [email protected] 

Loans (Financial Aid)


  • Go to the NSFAS webpage for information.

Feenix Student Fundraising Platform

Feenix is an online fundraising platform that connects students to their communities to fundraise towards their outstanding debt.

If a student would like to use the platform, they must make sure they:

  • are a South African citizen/asylum seeker/permanent resident/refugee
  • have a combined annual household income under R600 000
  • are a registered student or have historical debt.

To create your profile, you will have to upload:

  • an official fee statement not older than 30 days
  • a certified ID copy not older than 6 months
  • a profile picture
  • your story/biography – tell us about yourself and your dreams (guidelines given on the website).

Visit www.feenix.org to start your fundraising journey.


For more information on EDULOAN, visit https://www.eduloan.co.za.

On campus assistance Lapeng Student Centre, tel: +27(0)51 4476210 Customer care: 0860 5555 44

The official Central University of Technology (CUT) Tuition and fees schedule has been successfully uploaded online and accessible at https://www.cut.ac.za/

For full fee information, you can contact the Financial Aid Department of the Central University of Technology (CUT).

However, if you have any queries regarding the Central University of Technology (CUT) fees 2023, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.



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