First National Bank FNB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2022

It’s important that you know and are familiar with FNB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates, where you can get them and the documents needed.

First National Bank FNB offers you the opportunity to have a fixed deposit account where you can earn monthly deposit interest based on the amount fixed, term duration as well as interest rates.

FNB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

First National Bank FNB Fixed Deposit

The maximum nominal interest rate over 60 months isĀ 8.00%

Minimum opening deposit of R10 000.
Customers must be invested in Retirees Value Proposition

An investment account with a fixed term, typically giving you a higher interest rate than investments available overnight or with notice.

What you get from FNB Fixed Deposit

  • Guaranteed capital
  • Fixed Rate
  • Increase investment
  • Preference
  • Reinvest or redirect
  • Rewards

Documents needed for FNB Fixed Deposit

  • Proof of residence (not older than 3 months)
  • South African ID book or ID card



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