About Fundi Card and How to Block it

In today’s post, we have are going to talk about FundiCard and How to Block it. Read through!!.

Regarding queries from our readers about Fundi, my fundi card, fundi card withdrawal, fundi contact details, how to check fundi balance ussd, how to upload my fundi banking details, where to shop with fundi card, and how to create fundi account. we have created this post on how to successfully block it.

How To Block Your Fundi Card

A FundiCard is a payment card used to manage your spending. Wanting to know how to block your FundiCard? Let us help you. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

FundiCard is a payment solution designed to make your learning world a lot more convenient. The FundiCard is like a debit card, but with various pockets to manage your spending on and off-campus.

Fundi provides education loans to students, they cover a range of expenses to enable students to pursue their studies without experiencing the financial burden while doing so.

Fundi aims to make loans more accessible and affordable for students. They do not require you to pay collateral and repayments are deducted from your salary or can be paid through debit orders.

Steps to block your FundiCard

  • Call Fundi’s Call center at 0860 44 33 44
  • Visit Fundi’s Campus office
  • Go to https://mycard.fundi.co.za. and click on the register – use alpha numeric and special characters in your password. If already registered – login. Click on the “lock card tab” and click on “lock card”.

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