How to Change Buffalo City TVET College Module/Qualification

Buffalo City TVET College Module | How to change a module/subject at Buffalo City TVET College.

Buffalo City TVET College Transfer Form


This article provides information on How to cancel the Buffalo City TVET College module, Buffalo City TVET College qualification and module changes, Buffalo City TVET College subject cancellation form, Buffalo City TVET College deregistration form, and Buffalo City TVET College contact details.

N/B: If you want to cancel your registration entirely (ie, withdraw from the university) you must complete the Cancellation of the Registration form and submit it to your faculty office.


What is A Module

A module is simply defined as a form of teaching resource. Modules are compiled by group or individual learning, which is then arranged in a neat systematic manner. Furthermore, it will be printed, the printed results are then used as a guide for the teaching staff as well as for the students.

How to Change A Module At Buffalo City TVET College

Below are the steps on how to successfully cancel a module/subject at the Buffalo City TVET College.


Log onto the Buffalo City TVET College students portal using your STUDENT NUMBER and PASSWORD.

  •  If you do not have a password, click on CREATE A PASSWORD to continue.

Click on ITS iENABLER under administrative utilities.

  • Detailed instructions on how to use each option can be accessed by clicking on the blue question mark at each process

To cancel a subject, you will need the Buffalo City TVET College Subject Cancellation Form.

Download (.pdf) the form and fill in the correct information for all the available fields before submitting the form to the appropriate body for proper assessment.



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