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With the sixth-largest economy in the world, the United Kingdom is home to many international students hoping to pursue careers after their education. Visa-sponsorship jobs in the UK are quite popular with individuals from abroad. The Office for National Statistics reports that during July and September of last year, the number of job openings in the UK reached its highest point (1.1 million), suggesting that job opportunities for foreign applicants were likewise more favourable.

Obtaining a degree from a UK university helps most graduates find employment. In the UK, there are over 30 million individuals employed in a range of industries. Their work experience, appropriate abilities, and competitive educational background assist them in acquiring a better position with a larger compensation.


What are Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship?

A UK visa or an employment visa is a visa in which the company in the UK hires candidates. The companies will ensure the UK visa authorities that the candidates will live in the country as legal working residents. In this visa, the company is responsible for the job and stay of the candidates. They also look at the candidates that will get paid the same as the other employees of the UK. The UK visa sponsorship contains some set of documents required by the authorities as well as the immigration services.

Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship Under 16

Candidates who are under the age of sixteen can get a child performance license for taking part in the following activities:

  • Movies, concerts, songs, plays, and other public performances that mainly organized on licensed premises.
  • Paid modeling.

It is recommended that the sponsor must make sure that the person who is running the event should apply for the sponsorship visa at least 21 days before the event.

Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship Under 18

Candidates who are looking for jobs in the UK with sponsorship for a visa must make sure that they come under the following category:

  • An international sportsperson visa
  • Creative worker visa
  • Government Authorised Exchange visa
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The sponsors who are providing sponsorship to the candidates also ensure that the following candidates will not be eligible for this visa:

  • Skilled Worker visa
  • Seasonal Worker visa
  • Intra-company visa
  • International Agreement Worker visa

Types of Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

There are two kinds of visa licenses for candidates who want to get jobs in the UK with sponsorship for a visa in the UK. To get a job in the UK, the employers need to allot a visa to the candidates based on two licenses, a worker license and a temporary work visa.

Worker License Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

The licensing worker assists UK companies in sponsoring candidates for several types of skilled employment. This skilled worker can be of short time duration, long-term duration, or a permanent one on the worker’s visa. This license is divided into four types:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Intra-company visas
  • Minister of Religion
  • International Sportsperson.

Temporary Worker Visa Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

The temporary worker license assists international companies in sponsoring candidates for temporary work, including job shadowing and volunteering. Only those candidates will be able to get the temporary worker visa who are going to work in the following role:

  • Charity worker
  • Creative Worker
  • Religious Worker
  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • Seasonal Worker
  • International Agreement.

Eligibility for Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

International candidates who want to get a job in the UK, need to apply for visa sponsorship in the UK. Below we have given the requirements of candidates who want to get Tier II visa sponsorship jobs in the UK.

  • The candidate must have received an employment opportunity from a licensed sponsor company in the UK.
  • The sponsor must ensure that the candidates should fit into the hiring job and qualify for the prerequisites for the visa.
  • The certificate of sponsorship by the sponsor for the Tier II visa.
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Documents for Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

Before applying for the Tier II visa in the UK candidates must ensure that they have the following required documents with them:

  • The sponsorship certificate by the sponsor
  • Employment proof showing that the sponsors pay with an appropriate salary
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores
  • Financial documents and other expenses
  • Health certificate
  • A criminal record certificate from the country where you have lived for at least one year or more.

Certificates of Sponsorship

Candidates having a UK visa sponsorship who are seeking a job in the UK need to have a certificate of sponsorship. This is a kind of electronic certificate provided to each foreign employee who is coming from other countries. Candidates can use the certificate number to apply for a visa in the UK. The validity of the certificate of sponsorship is only for 3 months from the start date of issuing. Candidates can only use the certificate for the visa application only within this period.

There are two types of certificate sponsorships for candidates which are discussed below:

  • Defined certificates: This type of certificate is for those international candidates who want to apply for a skilled worker visa in the UK. This visa application mostly takes one to two days for approval however if the UKVI wants to check more information it may take a longer time to process. The total cost of the visa is around 199 GBP.
  • Undefined certificates: Candidates who are temporary skilled workers and applying for the application from the UK are eligible for this. The cost of this visa application is 21 GBP.

Following are some of the tips applicants must know before the visa application:

  • Research about the visa authorities of a particular country their citizenship and the immigration services.
  • About the best companies and employers that can help in the candidates’ potential and enhance their skills.
  • Know the eligibility criteria of the chosen company.

Career Profiles for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in the UK

There are various kinds of job opportunities in the UK candidates can apply after completing their graduation. Below we have given some of the job positions candidates can apply to get visa sponsorship jobs in the UK.

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Popular Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

Below are given some of the most popular jobs in the UK a candidate can look for visa sponsorship jobs. The sector-wise job roles are given below:

Job Sector Sponsorship Jobs in the offer
Engineering Design Engineer, Mechanical engineer, Automotive engineer, Civil engineer, Quality assurance engineer
Films and Mass Media Production assistant – broadcasting, News editor, Graphic designer, Film editor, Content Specialist
Healthcare Doctors, Paediatricians, General practitioners, Veterinarian, Nurses, Psychologists, etc
IT Database developer, Web designer, Cybersecurity Specialist, Software Developer, Programmer, software engineer, Data scientist
Management Assistant Manager, Workflow Manager, PA, Supervisors, Line-workers/employees, Administrative Assistant
Education Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Helpers, Professors, Lecturers

Top Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship

Some of the leading companies offering jobs with visa sponsorships in the UK get employed by Microsoft, Apple, Oracle Corporation, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, PwC, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, Google, IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, Deloitte, Citi, and various other companies. Below are some of the top job profiles of the candidates along with their salary:

Job Profile Salary in GBP
Regional Operations Officer 36,727
Project Manager 55,000
Experienced Butcher 30,000
Senior Recruitment Advisor 32,500
Full-stack Developer 50,000
Senior Product Manager 90,000
Business Development Manager 55,000
Data Engineer 55,000
Accountant 45,000
Software Developer 80,000
Candidates who want to continue their jobs in the UK while living in the country. They can look for visa sponsorship companies that offer jobs to candidates as well as help them in getting their visas. Candidates must have some valid documents such as a job offer letter, certificate of sponsorship, English proficiency test scores, valid passport, etc to apply for the jobs in the UK.

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