Lithapo Teasers – March 2020 | Check Full Episode Details Here

Lithapo Teasers – March 2020 | In this post, you will get the full details of Lithapo Episode, date and days.

Monday 2 March 2020
Episode 22   

Thandeka consults her white spirit guide (played by Camila Waldman), then breaks up with Trevor, just as Pabi finds herself in a bind with Brian, now that she’s catching proper feelings for Nolo.

Zano has a dreamy time with Tselane who finally teaches her how to properly ride a bike in preparation for her first paying Ride-Alex tourists.

Tuesday 3 March 2020
Episode 23 

Zano is accosted by thugs in front of her European tourists in Alex, but Tselane is there to save the day.

Thandeka tries to make Nkosana bond with his father, as she heeds her spirit guide’s concerns about the “other” son.

Kabe is shocked to find out that Senzo met Nolo and is really impressed by him.

Wednesday 4 March 2020
Episode 24  

Cebile gets a hiding from her mother, who is determined to drag her to the clinic for proper sex education. Just as Likeledi was starting to like Pabi, Nolo discovers that she’s still seeing Brian behind his back.

Thandeka is determined to get Nkosana to win his father over, and let go of his lofty dreams, but learns that Senzo is excited to be interviewed on Trevor’s show.

Monday 8 March 2020
Episode 25 

Thandeka tries to stop Trevor from interviewing Senzo but it’s too late.

Patricia can’t seem to mend her relationship with Cebile and Senzo pushes Kabe to get closer to Nolo for information about the community unrest.

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Nolo goes to apologise to Pabi, but things go from bad to worse.

Tuesday 9 March 2020
Episode 26

Nolo and Pabi long for each other, now that they aren’t talking anymore. Zano is worried about Tselane, after hearing of the strike that broke out in Alex.

Senzo is forced to flee from the tavern, as Kabe warns him that there’s an angry mob out to get him, tipping his toilets, and it’s all over the media.

Wednesday 10 March 2020
Episode 27 

Thandeka spots Nolo in the news as part of the toilet tipping mob, and uses this to turn Senzo against him. Kabe tries to hook Nolo up with someone else, to get his mind off Pabi.

Trevor denies deliberately throwing Senzo under the bus on his show, but Thandeka knows it was revenge for breaking up with him.

Monday 16 March 2020
Episode 28

Nolo pines for Pabi while helping Tselane with the protest action against Senzo.

Zano now doesn’t know who’s side to take, as Senzo receives the devastating blow that it was his son Nkosana that leaked the information causing the recent riots against him.

After overhearing their phone call, Mfazwe plans on ruining Cebile and Thabang’s plans, and catches them red handed while making out.

Tuesday 17 March 2020
Episode 29

Nolo offers Pabi money to stop seeing Brian, but she can’t. Senzo recovers his reputation during the live Update interview and makes Tselane look bad on Trevor’s show.

Thandeka finds Nkosana hiding at Voove and forces him to apologise to his father, so he calls the cops to get Tselane arrested.

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Wednesday 18 March 2020
Episode 30  

Thandeka blames Trevor for ruining her marriage and he retaliates. When Senzo finds out that Nkosana is responsible for Tselane being behind bars, he loses it.

Nolo invites Kabe to dinner with Pabi and it all goes well, until Nolo mentions his living dead mother…

Monday 23 March 2020
Episode 31  

Nolo and Kabe finally solidify their father-son bond, but Thandeka devises a plan to tear them apart.

Tselane gets Zano to see her father in a different light. Patricia laments not being able to afford a Sweet 16 party for Cebile.

Tuesday 24 March 2020
Episode 32  

Cebile busts Thabang cheating on her at her Sweet 16, all thanks to Mfazwe and Prof and Kabe who witness Tselane and Zano’s near kiss.

Pabi decides to break up with Brian for Nolo, just as his ex-girlfriend, Mantwa arrives from QwaQwa. Senzo meets Pabi for the first time and sparks fly.

Wednesday 25 March 2020
Episode 33  

Patricia is proud of Cebile for choosing her future over Thabang. Nolo tells Mantwa that he has found someone new so she goes through his phone and fakes a heart attack.

Thandeka and Senzo are under pressure and Nkosana makes commitments he can’t deliver, using Vivienne.

Monday, 30 March 2020
Episode 34 

Senzo refuses to get intimate with Thandeka because of the Trevor saga. Pabi breaks up with Nolo when she busts Mantwa in his room.

Thabang keeps calling Cebile. Tselane finds out Senzo is holding another meeting and is determined to crash it.

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Tuesday 31 March 2020
Episode 35  

Nolo and Tselane manage to gate crash Senzo’s event, where he and Kabe plan on selling Alex development shares.

Cebile almost misses her exam after getting into a fight with Thabang’s side chick. Moipone asks Pabi to try out her new supply of weed and Zano finally sleeps over in Tselane’s shack, as Senzo gets into an accident.


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