MUT Exam Results 2025/2026 | How to Check Online

MUT Exam Result 2025/2026 | How to check the Mangosuthu University of Technology Examination Results Online –


MUT Exam Result

Do you want to check MUT exam results? This post will guide you on how to check the Mangosuthu University of Technology test and exam results online via the student portal/school website for the 2020/2024 academic year.

Authority of the Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) has enabled the 2024 online result checker portal/system for current and prospective Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, Diploma, Certificate, Short Courses, Distance Learning, and other program students.


MUT Online Result Checker Portal is created for prospective students to check their exam result, semester result, Test Result as well as viewing admission list, application status, APS Calculator, transcript, admission letter ETC.

The marks achieved for the first examination and second examination will be available as soon as the departments have loaded them on the system.

Note: If you cannot see your results due to outstanding fees, you must make sure that your fees are paid to the appropriate bodies.

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How to Check Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) Exam Results Online.

Dear students and colleagues


Final exam results will be available on student result checking portal or department notice board after the Faculty Exams Committees and Senate Executive Committee have finalized results and qualifiers.

You can view your results online via the institution’s portal. Please note that results appear online as they are uploaded. In case you check and it is not online yet, you may check back.

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Use the Student iEnabler to view the following:

  • Student Exam results
  • Academic statements
  • Student Fees
  • Application for Residences
  • Class Timetable
  • Exam Timetable


a) Click on the Student iEnabler link.

b) Select the Student Radio button.

c) For student number, enter your student number.

d) For a pin you must enter 46579 and before you log in you must change your pin.

e) To change your pin you must click on Change Pin button, enter your new pin in the space provided and click on Change Pin.

f) Please make sure that your new pin:

  • Is 5 numeric digits in length.
  • Does not have same numbers next to each other
  • Does not start with a zero.
  • Is not in a simple sequence like 12345 or 54321.
  • If your pin does not conform to the points outlined below you will get a message immediately after clicking the Change Pin button, in that case you must keep on trying until your pin is successfully changed.

g) If your pin is successfully changed the Change Pin button will direct you to Student iEnabler home page and then you can do whatever task you want to do.

h) Remeber your pin, do not forget it.

If you have forgot your pin, cannot access the system or need assistance on how to use the system please contact: IT&N 031 907 7349 | email:

Student Exam result codes

Result Codes: | P-Pass | F-Fail | PD-Pass Distinction | FX-Absent from Exam | FR-Fail Subminimum | FA-Fail No admit to Exam | F8-Fail Re-Write Allow | F9-Fail Supplementary Allow | FG-Fail Aegrotat Allow | MC-Matric certificate outstanding | INST-Foreign student permit outstanding
For Examination related queries please contact: 031 907 7118

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Student Fees

Check if you owe us!
If you have been handed over to Debtors, would not be able to obtain your examination results until your account has been settled.
For Student Account queries please contact: 031 907 7339
Application for Residences

Apply for residences online using the Student iEnabler.

**All queries should be directed to: The Superintendent, Tel: 031 907 7395 | Email:

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