PMI Criteria for Volunteers To Be Nominated

PMI Nomination Criteria for Volunteers | The Project Management Institute – PMI South Africa has released below the Criteria to be considered for Volunteers to be nominated as DIRECTORS for 2020 and Executive Positions for 2020-2022.
PMI Nomination Criteria for Volunteers

All candidates have to have professional status (and PMP desirable) and eligible to be registered as a director in South Africa.
Although membership is not required at nomination stage, membership will have to be acquired for both PMI and PMI Chapter to be instituted as Director of PMI SA Chapter
Must abide by PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Preferably 5+ year experience in project, program, or portfolio management
It is desirable that candidates have knowledge of PMI activities and functioning, and/or executive leadership, and/or strategic planning, and/or board/governance, and/or senior management experience and be financially literate.
It is desirable that candidates have participated in the Chapter’s Director Development Program and even better, already have a Professional Director registration.
In addition to candidates possessing all or most of the above characteristics, the total composition of the Board should strive to be reflective of the diversity existing in the South African marketplace in respect to gender, culture, geographical location and stakeholder groups.
Therefore for the July 2019 ballot we require nominations that will reflect this diversity as far as possible. The mutually exclusive competencies we will be developing in Directors include: Finance and auditDirector’s training;  Strategy and Risk management;  Performance and Governance;  Ethics;  NPO Legal issues;  Conflict Management; Social compliance; Intimate knowledge of PMI and the Chapter.
Volunteer leaders will be supported to claim PDU’s for effort invested. Effort required should be preparation and attendance of four to five Board meetings annually, with committee meetings between. This activity should not prevent volunteers to participate in other volunteer and leadership activities.


Criteria to be considered for volunteers to be nominated for EXECUTIVE positions 2020-2022

It is desirable that candidates have achieved professional status, but we look for leaders
Young project management professionals are encouraged .
Membership of both PMI and PMI SA Chapter is required
Must abide by PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Project, program, portfolio manager experience a recommendation
Knowledge of PMI/Chapter activities and functioning a recommendation
Leadership and/or management experience a recommendation
Planning knowledge a recommendation
General duties of Executive officers:

  • Ensure the chapter bylaws and policies and procedures are upheld and enforced
  • Ensure PMI policies and procedures are upheld as outlined in the “PMI Component Policies Manual”
  • Properly utilize the PMI copyright and registration of PMI trademarks
  • Ensure chapter programs and activities are properly identified as chapter activities and not an official activity of PMI
  • Faithfully support and attend chapter functions
  • Actively participate in executive meetings
  • Create a plan, budget and calendar for the year describing how the assigned duties will be accomplished. Include resources.
  • Positively represent the chapter and executive in community and PMI events
  • Develop a committee for the job by encouraging volunteers to assist
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the president
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