How to Apply For Remarking/Rechecking of NSC Exam Scripts 2023

Remarking or Rechecking of NSC Exam Scripts 2023/2024 | How to Apply.

Remarking or Rechecking of NSC Exam Scripts

This article contains information about the National Senior Certificate NSC remarking/ rechecking of exam scripts, how to apply, payment of fees, banking details, and the application closing date 2023.

How to Apply for Remarking or Rechecking of NSC Exam Scripts 2023

  • Application Closing date: 3 February 2023

Applications are ONLY available online at:

How do I apply to have my examination remarked or rechecked?

  1. The closing date for remark and recheck application is 3 February 2023.
  2. No hard copy applications for remarking will be accepted.
  3. Apply for remarking or rechecking by using the online registration services at
  4. Note: There is no remarking for the Common Assessment Task (CAT) for Life Orientation.
  5. Please note that a new statement of results will only be issued if:
    1. your subject results improve to a higher level; or
    2. if your pass status changes.
  6. For any remark enquiries, please contact the following:
    1. Tel: 021 467 2988
    2. Tel: 021 467 9360
    3. Tel: 021 467 2009
    4. email:

Payment of Fees

Remarking: R110 (per subject)
Rechecking: R27 (per subject)
Viewing of scripts (only after remarking and rechecking): R212 (per subject & non-refundable)

Payments can be made by EFT or at a Nedbank branch into the following account

Bank: Nedbank
Account name: WCED
Account type: Current Account
Account number: 1452 045 089
Branch code: 145 209
Deposit reference: 15 + ID Number

Who qualifies?

  1. Candidates may apply for the remarking or rechecking of their scripts if they feel that the marks allocated on the written papers are not a true reflection of their performance.
  2. A remark means that the original answer script is marked for a second time by a marker.
  3. A recheck of your script is a further check to ensure that all questions are duly marked and that all marks are correctly calculated.
  4. For re-mark inquiries, please contact:
    1. Tel.: 021 467 2952
    2. Tel.: 021 467 2009
    3. Tel.: 021 467 2988
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What is an application for viewing?

  1. Once you have received your results, AFTER remarking and rechecking, you may apply to view your answer scripts.
  2. Apply to with proof of payment to view your answer scripts.

NSC November 2023 Examination Details

  • Registration date to be communicated at a later date.


The Nov 2023 NSC examination is open to ONLY NSC Part time Repeater candidates who:

  • Registered and/or wrote the June 2023 NSC examination
  • Wrote the NSC Examination from 2008 – 2022.
  • have a valid SBA mark for the subject they are writing.



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