SAAF Recruitment 2023-2024 For General Maintenance

South African Air Force, SAAF General Maintenance Recruitment 2023-2024… General entry requirements, when to apply, how to apply, application form pdf, application deadline, and selection process 2023.

Applications complying with the minimum requirements will be subjected to further screening. Candidates identified will then be invited to partake in a selection process.


The content of this section is for general information purposes only. This website does not actively recruit on behalf of the SAAF / SANDF and all applicants are encouraged to contact the relevant Recruitment office directly.

The South African Air Force (SAAF) offers a number of varied and exciting careers, both in the air and on the ground. What would you like to do?

  • Aircrew – Pilot or Navigator – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Aircrew – Other – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Command and Control – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Aviation Maintenance – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Engineering / Apprenticeship  – CLICK HERE for application details
  • General Maintenance – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Support  – CLICK HERE for application details
  • Reserve Squadrons – CLICK HERE for application details

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to join the SAAF?

Personnel is the most important resource that the SAAF whose success is largely dependent on the extent to which its members are developed and utilized. The airforce considers it essential to recruit young volunteers who are prepared to serve in the air force for a limited period of time or to remain in a lifelong appointment.

SAAF General Maintenance Recruitment

Musterings include:

  • Electrician
  • Electronician (Communications)
  • Electronician (Radar)
  • General fitter
  • Ground Electronician
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Turner
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Preventative and corrective maintenance of electrical installations, electrical equipment and airfield installations, which include airfield lighting and arrester barriers.


Electronician (Communications)
Preventative and corrective maintenance of ground and mobile radio installations, navigational aids, telecommunication equipment and microwave systems.

Electronician (Radar)
Preventative and corrective maintenance of ground and mobile radar installations, including air defence systems.

General fitter
Preventative and corrective maintenance on and the manufacture of ground equipment.

Ground Electronician
Preventative and corrective maintenance on refrigeration systems, air conditioners, compressors and associated components.

Motor Mechanic
Preventative and corrective maintenance on petrol and diesel vehicles.

Modification, repair and manufacture of components, and manufacture of special tools and jigs. Accuracy of work is essential in this mustering.

How to Apply

Click on each of the links to download the application form pdf.

SAAF Selection Process

The selection process entails the following:

Psychometric evaluation:
The aim is to assess the candidate’s aptitude and potential to develop in the position that was applied for. The nature of these tests will depend on the position applied for.

Selection Board (formal interview):
A Selection Board will be conducted in order to assess the applicants interest in the position applied for, as well as his or her interest in the Defence Force in general. The interview will also focus on self- confidence, leadership potential and communication skills.

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Medical Evaluation:
A comprehensive medical evaluation will be conducted by appointed military medical practitioners in order to assess the applicants medical history and current medical status. All applicants must be declared fit for military training before commencement.

Criminal Records:
Fingerprints of applicants will be sent to the Criminal Record Bureau for verification. Records of convictions will be evaluated based on the severity thereof and how recently the offence(s) occurred.

Offer of Employment
Successful applicants will receive an offer of employment. Candidates who are not successful will be informed by correspondence. It is unfortunate that not all applicants who are recommended for training will receive an offer of employment due to the large amount of applications received.

SAAF Contact Details

For more information, please contact the SAAF Recruitment Office:

SA Air Force Headquarters
Air Command
(Directorate Human Resource Services)
Recruitment Office
Private Bag X199

Fax: (012) 312 2138

Phone: (012) 312 2148 / 2609

Department of Defence Career website:




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