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Southern Africa Bible College Online Application 2024 – application 2024, Southern Africa Bible College Application Form 2024, Admission Requirements, How to Apply, and Registration Closing Dates for 2024 Enrollment.


Southern Africa Bible College Online Application

Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for admission into the Southern Africa Bible College Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, Short Courses, and Masters programmes offered for the 2024 academic year.

Southern Africa Bible College Online Application 2024

The Southern Africa Bible College online admission application form 2024 is open to all interested applicants irrespective of colour, race, ethnic identity, religion, gender, or national origin, provided they qualify for the programme for which they have applied.


To use the Online Application System you will need internet access, as well as an email address that you can access regularly because as soon as you submit your online application, a confirmation mail will be sent to your email address.

Southern Africa Bible College online application form 2024 pdf, how to apply online, admission entry requirements pdf, registration dates, brochures, tenders, fees, application dates, open day, term dates prospectus pdf download, and closing dates for 2024 Intake enrollment is accessible here.

Both South Africans and Interested foreign applicants can apply for the Southern Africa Bible College Application Form 2024.


  1. A non-refundable administration fee of R300 must accompany the original application form. Your forms will not be processed without payment of this fee. Should you pay this fee directly into the College bank account proof of payment must be provided.
  2. The cost for foreign applications is higher than for local ones since the College has to pay high bank charges for foreign deposits. Therefore the admission fee is higher for students who pay in a foreign currency.
  3. An annual registration fee of R1500 (subject to adjustment without prior notice) is payable upon arrival at the College at the beginning of the academic year.
  4. A refundable maintenance / key deposit of R450.00 is payable by dormitory students upon arrival at the College.
  5. NOTE: The College does not award certificates, diplomas and degree to students who owe the College for fees and costs.
  6. All students must purchase the following text books which must be produced upon arrival at the College or provide proof that they have ordered these books and show a delivery date:
  • The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary; Baker Publisher Group.
  • Christian Counselling; by Gary R Collins.
  1. Candidates should have been members of a Bible-based church of Christ for at least one year and have been members of a particular congregation for a period of at least one year before applying for admission.
  2. Refugees (Asylum Seekers) must have refugee status for a minimum of twelve months before applying for admission.
  3. No foreign candidate will be accepted without a valid study permit. Students whose study permits expire during the cause of their studies must renew these before the expiry date. Students who fail to do so will be suspended and will have to leave the dormitory / married quarters, whichever may apply, until their study permit has been renewed.
  4. Every candidate for admission must have achieved a minimum of a National Senior Certificate (or equivalent) and submit certified proof of the original qualifications (NOT a copy of a copy and preferably in colour) with a transcript of grades (marks), together with the completed Application for Admission@ form if enrolling for a qualification.
    • An aggregate of 50% is required on a matriculation exemption certificate.
    • One required subject is English with an achievement rating of at least 65%.
    • Students whose English is considered insufficient for tertiary studies will be requested to take English classes and reapply upon completion of such studies and proof of your grades must be provided.
  5. The following documents must be submitted with the Application for Admission form or separately (see below) before the College will consider your application: (Please refer to the instructions relating to copies stated above)
    1. A general Health Certificate.
    2. All applicants from a malaria area must submit the results of a blood test. (Refer 11 below)
    3. Copies of your matric certificate, the last school report, and any other qualification you have achieve
    4. If you only have a school leaving certificate (no matric) you must submit a biography and describe your involvement in whatever congregation or congregations of the church of Christ you have been a member of for the past five years before applying for admission
    5. IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING (cursive, not capitals, not typed):
      1. A biography of yourself, 500 words or more, including why you want to study at this College.
      2. What is the meaning of Romans 13:8-10 (“when the perfect comes”).
      3. What is the meaning of Matthew 7:21-23
    6. The Preacher’s Recommendation and the Congregation=s Recommendation as well as other recommendations from third parties must be submitted directly by these referees, either by mail or as scanned documents.
    7. If you are a South African citizen or Permanent Resident in RSA submit a copy of your identity document
    8. Foreign citizens must submit a copy of their passport and visa
    9. Asylum seekers must submit a copy of all relevant documents showing their immigration status
  1. Should you have had malaria at any time you must disclose this information. This does NOT disqualify the applicant; if such a student falls ill while a student at this College this information will assist with treatment.
  2. NOTE: The College reserves the right to request blood tests at the expense of the applicant.
  3. Students who are suffering from a contagious disease and fail to disclose this information will be suspended until they have been cleared by a medical practitioner or hospital. Depending on the illness they will be suspended for a longer period.
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Tuition and fees


Tuition for members of the Church of Christ is free. Boarding and lodging are $200 per month. In addition, textbooks and other school related materials must be purchased by the individual student. If you buy the required textbooks for the 3 years’ schooling, the cost will total roughly $1,000.


Married students have to find their own accomodation as a rule, though the college does offer a limited number of student houses. It costs approximately $700 per month for a married student, which would meet most of their boarding and lodging expenses.


Students are required to buy textbooks and supplies themselves. Most students who come to SABC who have no means of their own are able to seek for congregational or individual sponsorship.


Funding comes from donated funds that have to be raised by the college. Funds are solicited from individual congregations and independent Christian foundations and trusts both at home and abroad. As a result, tuition is free.

SABC has a male dormitory and a female dormitory. Married students are housed in separate units off campus, but within 4 miles of the college.

Some of the teachers and staff receive funding from the school and some are independently sponsored.

How to Apply

The application is made through filling the application form online at the Southern Africa Bible College admission portal.

Note – Once the Southern Africa Bible College Admission Application Portal/Form closed, new applications will not be accepted. So register now while the applications for each program is still ongoing.

Application forms can be obtained at any of the College Sites/Campuses and, or on the College Website;

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For more information and inquiries, you can contact the Southern Africa Bible College by visiting the official website or campus.

Our contact information is:
Southern Africa Bible College
Telephone: 011-27-11-969-4497
Fax: 011-27-11-969-4993
P.O. Box 11165, Rynfield, Benoni 1514, South Africa OR

We hope that the information provided will enable you to make an informed decision about applying to the Southern Africa Bible College.

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