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St Augustine College Contact Details

Are you looking for the contact address of the St Augustine College of South Africa? This post provides a direct link for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA, Diploma, Certificate, Degree, Masters, P.hD. programs students and staff to access and get in touch with the St Augustine College management.

What You Need to Know About the St Augustine College.


In mid-nineties, at the time that the foundation of St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution was mooted, South Africa was on the brink of its first ever truly democratic elections. Anticipating vast economic, political, and social changes, a group of Catholic academics, clergy, and business people recognised the need for a South African Catholic university that could make a significant moral and academic contribution to the development of the country. Their discussions bore fruit in 1999 when St Augustine’s, South Africa’s only Catholic institution of higher education, welcomed its first postgraduate students. From the very beginning emphasis was placed on the education of ethical leaders for Africa through offering high quality degrees in the Humanities.

The Private Tertiary Institution was opened on 13 July 1999 by the Deputy Minister of Education and started teaching its first students that same month. On 29 July 2004 the Private Tertiary Institution received full accreditation with the right to offer the degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.

When the Private Tertiary Institution opened in July 1999 Prof Edith Raidt became its founding President and it was situated on rented property on the site of the old Union Observatory in Johannesburg with historic Sir Herbert Baker buildings. At the end of 2001, the Private Tertiary Institution was able to purchase its own campus in Victory Park, Johannesburg, in equally lovely settings with more space. The purchase was made possible by the generous donation of the Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart in Germany. From the beginning the Private Tertiary Institution reflected the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, while being open to people of all faiths or none.

While the Private Tertiary Institution started off in a small way with postgraduate degrees, one of its most important aims was to expand to a broader range of disciplines at undergraduate level. During 2003 a feasibility study was conducted to explore the viability of undergraduate programmes in the near future. In 2008 Fr Michael Van Heerden became the second President of the Private Tertiary Institution. Under his leadership the Private Tertiary Institution began to accept students for BCom and BTh degrees in 2009 and in 2010 BA degree programme was offered. In 2013 the Private Tertiary Institution made a decision to hold undergraduate degrees in abeyance and, for the time being, to refocus on postgraduate degrees and short courses. 2014 saw the beginning of the new BA (Hons) programme in Peace Studies, the only one of its kind in the African continent.

While remaining committed to the academic excellence of its postgraduate offerings, in 2016 St Augustine relaunched its undergraduate degree programmes: a Liberal Arts BA degree and a BTh.


St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution of South Africa aspires to be a leading African institution of higher education in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition promoting ethical leadership, dignity of the human person and the common good.

Our mission is underpinned by the following values:

  • human dignity (the freedom and dignity of the individual)
  • solidarity (mutual connection, inclusiveness and obligation to each other)
  • stewardship (responsibility and accountability for the common good)
  • justice, including the preferential option for the poor
  • critical realism
  • creative, imaginative thinking

We aim to:

  • educate students to be morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skilfully to advance the common good. With its emphasis on the dignity of the human person and its conviction about the ethical value of solidarity, St Augustine can help South Africa develop a more just and equitable society that respects persons not only for what they can produce, but for who they are as persons who have their origins in God, the Creator of all.

We will fulfil our mission through:

  • Rigorous Intellectual Enquiry which provides a theological, philosophical and ethical worldview that arises out of the Catholic intellectual tradition and a consideration for its implications for personal and communal life. Such enquiry includes challenging the prevailing rigid distinctions between fact and value so that we can train both intellectual and ethical leadership; challenging the tendency to separate public and private realms and to relegate serious moral issues to the academic sidelines; and encouraging interdisciplinary, integrative and evaluative thinking.
  • Values-based Teaching where we offer a critically grounded, values-based education for the development and renewal of the southern region of Africa and for the whole continent of Africa. We seek so to teach in ways that students are challenged to engage in rigorous thinking and appreciative reflection, recognising the relationship that exists between faith and reason. Our Catholic Intellectual Tradition empowers us to be dedicated to the pursuit of truth. We seek to accompany students in their fields of study so that the knowledge they gain will empower them and lead them to the wisdom that is necessary for integrated and holistic living in society.
  • Challenging Research where, aware of our responsibility to serve the broader society, we contribute to the resources of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and Catholic social teaching in considering and engaging critically with such diverse realities as culture and religion, philosophy and politics, business and ethics, science and society within the African context.

Code of Ethics:

Ethical Leadership / Sound Governance:

St Augustine is committed to ethical leadership and sound governance. Our core ethical principles include:

Accountability and responsibility
Respect for human dignity, human rights and social justice

The freedom, dignity and human rights of the individual should always be recognised and respected. In our multi-cultural society the cultural context of any issue should be considered and there should be no discrimination on the basis of colour, creed or race.

We value the whole, human person: physical, intellectual, moral and religious. To ensure this, means preserving the right of each person’s good name as well as preserving the integrity of each level of the person, e.g. avoiding physical harassment, preserving intellectual property, respecting the moral and religious choices of each and avoiding proselytising.

We support freedom of choice and the holistic development and growth of each person. Therefore, we believe that all forms of coercion, manipulation and disrespect must be avoided, while opportunities for students and staff development and growth must be encouraged, as far as the budget allows.

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St Augustine College Contact Details.

If you want to talk to us we would love to hear from you!

  • 53 Ley Road, Victory Park 2195 Johannesburg
  • P O Box 44782 Linden 2104 RSA
  • +27 (0)11 380 9000
  • The GPS co-ordinates: S26o08.356′   E28o00.303′
College Administrator (Receptionist)
Mrs Helen HartwigTel : +27(0)11 380 9000
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9200
Mrs Petru HarrisonTel : +27(0)11 380 9011
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9211
College Administrator (Undergraduate Programmes)
Mr Thulani DubeTel : +27(0)11 380 9010
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9210
President and CEO
Prof Garth AbrahamTel: +27(0)11 380 9030
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9230
Academic Dean
Prof Marilise SmurthwaiteTel: +27 (0)11 380 9033
Fax: +27 (0)11 380 9233
Ms Dianne ManTel: +27 (0)11 380 9071
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9272
Facilities Officer
Mr Jean-Marie UwimanaTel: +27 (0)11 380 9023
Fax: +27 (0)11 380 9223
HR Officer
Ms Lynn PretoriusTel: +27 (0)11 380 9032
Fax: +27(0)11 380 9232

Marketing Officer

Mologadi MothoaTel: +27 (0)11 380 9000

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