Stellenbosch University Refund Application Form 2024/2025

Stellenbosch University Refund Application Form 2024/2025 & Contact Details.

Stellenbosch University Admission Criteria

This article contains information on Stellenbosch University refund, how to request for Stellenbosch University refund, Stellenbosch University refund criteria, and Stellenbosch University refund contact details. Stay focused and read through.

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How to Request a Refund of Stellenbosch University Fees and Other Charges

In order to claim a refund, you have to complete the Refund/Bursary Pay-out form obtainable at the Student Service Centre (cashiers section) or print it from the Stellenbosch University website/portal.

Complete a refund form and ensure that we have your correct bank details on the system. For bursary students, kindly contact your Student Funding Advisor. For self-funded students, kindly send the form to your Fees Officer on your campus for assistance.

Complete a bank detail form and submit all supporting documents to the Fees e-mail address for your campus. Bank detail forms are available online on the Student Portal. Required supporting documents are detailed on the form.

How to Check Stellenbosch University Fee Balance

Below are the steps on how to successfully check your fee balance at the Stellenbosch University Portal.

  1. Log on to the Stellenbosch University student portal
  2. Fill in your login details
  3. Click on the SELF-HELP tab and choose Student I-Enabler.
  4. Click on Student Enquiry (Tab to the left).
  5. Click on Summarize Statement of Account.
  6. Your fee balance will appear. Click on FEE to get your full statement

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