UNISA Examination Centres Released | Check Details Here

Official University of South Africa, UNISA Examination Centres has been released.

UNISA Aegrotat and Special Exams

This post gives full information about the University of South Africa (UNISA) Examination Centres, venue change, Invigilator and centres in the Republic of South Africa, Other Countries in Africa and Overseas Countries.

an e-mail to [email protected] with your student number. The student must indicate the nearest examination centre to his/her home, by indicating the code of one of these on the registration form.

By signing the application form, the student undertakes, inter alia, to write his/her examinations at this approved venue. Dual examination venues will not be permitted.

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The examination centres have been divided as follows:

Examination venues IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES are restricted to cities where the University is able to make suitable arrangements.

Prisons and detention barracks Â– only for prisoners

The University will do everything possible to arrange for examinations at each of the venues listed, but if no suitable arrangements can be made at a particular venue, the University reserves the right to change the student’s examination venue.

Exam venue change

If candidates wish to change their examination venue after registration, their application in writing to do so must be received by the University on or before the following dates:

15 March for the May/June examinations

31 July for the October/November examinations

30 November for January/February examinations.

No Ad-hoc or special Examination venue will be approved. Students must write at an official, approved Examination venue. A list of such examination venues appears in the Registration Information Brochure.

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The invigilator is an employee of the University and has full delegated authority from the University at the examination centre.
Students must abide by all lawful instructions from the invigilator at all times during the examination session.

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