UFS Banking Details & Tuition Fees 2025/2026

University of Free State UFS Banking Details 2025/2026… Approved UFS Tuition Fees Structure 2025/2026 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Master’s, Diploma, and Certificate programs students.

This is to inform all the students of the University of Free State (UFS) that the management of the institution has released and published the approved fees payable by all students of this great citadel of learning for the 2025/2026 academic session.

University of Free State (UFS) Banking Details include account number, account name, branch, and branch code as well as the official University of Free State (UFS) fees structure.

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Learn what payment methods are available for paying student fees and access University of Free State (UFS) banking details below.

University of Free State (UFS) Banking Details 2025/2026

NSH – No Student Hungry Bursary Programme

Payment of external funding from sponsors / donors / staff

Please pay your contribution into the following bank account:

Bank: ABSA
Account holder: University of the Free State
Bank account no: 1570850721
Branch code: 632005
Reference no: NSH & your surname, e.g.: “NSHJones” – as many letters as possible

NB!! Reference and proof of payment is essential for us to track your payment.

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Proof of payment:

Please send your proof of payment to

Email: nostudenthungry@ufs.ac.za/simpsonvz@ufs.ac.za

Please mention your company / individual name and contact details, because we need to track your payment in our main account.

Thank you for your contribution and involvement!!

Program Enquiries:
Vicky Simpson
Tel: +27 (0)51 401 3834/7197
Email: nostudenthungry@ufs.ac.za/simpsonvz@ufs.ac.za

Payment Enquiries:
Donor forms / Debit order forms / Tax certificates / Invoices
Rinda Duraan
Tel: +27 (0)51 401 2143 / Email: duraanmj@ufs.ac.za

University of Free State (UFS) Tuition Fees Structure 2025/2026

Please understand that at the time of publishing this information, the official University of Free State (UFS) fees structure is subject to change without our prior notice.

Fees include all the amounts that are payable in order for you to study and graduate on time. It is important for undergraduate students to note that tuition fees differ between the faculties at the University of Free State (UFS).

For postgraduate, Master’s, Honours, and Doctorate students: as a returning student, your fees may look quite different from that of an undergraduate student.

International students should note that the registration and tuition fees that apply to them are slightly different from that of local students. Read more about the differences and payable fees.

UFS Fees Structure

The ACT online programmes are designed to be affordable, saving time and money when compared to other formats. Tuition fees are calculated per 10-week session.

Students can enrol and pay for one 10-week session at a time. Payment is accepted through the online portal and must meet the payment deadline.

South African students: Pay and enrol at R3,040 per 10-week session.

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Students from Lesotho or SADC countries: Pay and enrol at R3,485 per 10-week session, payable two weeks before the start of each session.

Students from non-SADC: Pay and enrol at R6,520 per 10-week session.

If a student fails a module, the cost to repeat the session is:

South African students: Pay and enrol at R1,500.

Students from Lesotho or SADC countries: Pay and enrol at R1,500.

Students from non-SADC: Pay and enrol at R2,250.

Student payment methods

Payment is required in order to enrol and register. Payment can be completed via EFT or direct deposit.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Deposit
Account number: 157 015 1688
Reference: The number “100” and your student number
Please send proof of payment to enrolments@ufsonline.co.za
For assistance with payment, please contact us on 0800 233 724

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Students may cancel their studies in a particular programme or module by giving official notice thereof before the dates determined by the university. This notification must be submitted to the relevant faculty officer.

The student may cancel registration of the course within two weeks of the starting date of the course and receive a 100% refund. Thereafter, no refund will be granted.


How to get started

Getting started on your ACT programme online is easy.

Simply follow these steps.

  1. Before you start your application:
    Make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements. For more information, consult the ACT Programme Guide, email enrolments@ufsonline.co.za,
    SMS +27 82 548 2493 for a response, or call 0800 233 724.
  2. You will need to submit copies of your identification document or passport, teacher employment confirmation (download Workplace Confirmation Letter), and academic records. Have your scanned copies (PDF or JPEG format) ready before you start your application.
  3. After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming that the UFS has received it.
  4. The UFS will contact you regarding the status of your application.
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