VUT Research’s Postgraduate Courses Overview

The Vaal University of Technology VUT Research’s Postgraduate Courses Overview.

We offer a wide range of high-quality teaching and extra-curricular activities.

New Generation Universities “do different things” to span the main focus areas of teaching and learning, research and community service, under a broader, integrated focus of serving society and, more particularly, their immediate communities. (Louw, 2008)

At the Vaal University of Technology Research, we offer a number of postgraduate courses to students who want to further their studies, and who want intellectual cultivation, character growth and personal development on an unprecedented scale. We offer both Masters Degrees and Doctorate studies within the following faculties:

At VUT Research we offer a Postgraduate Induction Programme for all our new or first-year postgraduate students. The objective of this programme is to ensure that all postgraduate students in the Faculty of Management Sciences receive optimal support in their journey from the initiation until the completion of their studies.

The programme requires regular and productive attendance as much of the information on how to prepare an acceptable proposal is only available in class. Any student having less than 70% attendance at the programme will not receive any further support from the Faculty and the Postgraduate Office. Thus, a supervisor will not be appointed to assist you in your studies.

VUT Research’s Faculties

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