WITS University Student Self Service Portal | www.self-service.wits.ac.za

WITS Student Self Service Portal | www.self-service.wits.ac.za.

WITS Student Self Service Portal

Please note: The University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) Student Self Service portal works best with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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WITS University Student Self Service


  1. Upload your supporting documents
  2. View your Academic Application and its Status. (This will inform you of the most recent decision made and will also let you know if we require further documentation from you)
  3. View your Financial Aid Application (NSFAS) status or your Scholarship and Bursary application status (if applicable)
  4. View your Residence Status (if applicable)
  5. View your Personal Information (eg: addresses and phone numbers)

Current Students:

  1. Access and print your Fees statement
  2. Check your timetable and venues
  3. View and amend Personal information
  4. Check your application status
  5. Pay your fees online
  6. View final examination results
  7. View examination timetable
  8. View graduation dates

If any of the information is incorrect or if you have any queries, please consult your faculty office.

If you have any queries please contact the Student Call Centre on 0117171888

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