Doodsondes Teasers – March 2020 | Check Full Episode Details Here

Doodsondes Teasers – March 2020 | In this post, you will get detail of Doodsondes Teasers Episode, date and days.

Monday 2 March 2020
Episode 41

Alihan and Emir rock up at Zeynep’s night for a night of fun, and Zeynep is not amused. Halit’s suspicions are raised when he looks over Yildiz’s spending habits. Ender throws an old friend under the bus to save herself. Zehra’s actions enrage Halit. Cem and Zeynep make plans.


Tuesday 3 March 2020
Episode 42

Zeynep confronts Alihan. Ender returns to the mansion to comfort a crestfallen Zehra. Yildiz accidentally starts another scandal that threatens to ruin her social standing, and Halit is caught in the middle. Alihan and a newcomer start off on a bad foot.


Wednesday 4 March 2020
Episode 43

Ender is frustrated by her inability to get rid of Yildiz. Alihan uses his position and authority against Zeynep, resulting in a standoff between the two. Caner tries to befriend a suspicious Zeynep. Defne gives Lila some advice. We meet a new character connected to the Yilmaz Sisters.

Thursday 5 March 2020
Episode 44

Alihan opens up to Zeynep, and the two finally talk. Kemal makes his move, and tells Ender a secret that could destroy Yildiz’s marriage. Lila finds herself in a dangerous situation, and Alihan races against the clock to save her.


Friday 6 March 2020
Episode 45

Ender and Kemal pool their resource and team up to take Yildiz down, together. Cem expresses his feelings to a gloomy Zeynep. An emotionally drained Zeynep gives Alihan a piece of her mind.

Monday 9 March 2020
Episode 46

Erim takes a liking to Ender’s new ‘driver’. Alihan’s worst fears are confirmed after a call with Cem. Just when Yildiz thinks her troubles are over, another friend decides to stab her in the back. Ender puts a new plan into motion to get Kemal into the Argun household.

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Tuesday 10 March 2020
Episode 47

Alihan and Hira bump into each other at a club, and a curious Zehra spreads some inaccurate information about the duo that reaches Zerrin’s ears. Kemal finally reveals himself to Yildiz, leaving her shocked. Her reaction results in her and Erim coming to a standoff.

Wednesday 11 March 2020
Episode 48

Zeynep promises to give Cem the chance he deserves, and swears off Alihan, but does she really mean it this time? Zehra approaches Halit for his blessing, however a cynical Halit remains unmoved, and Ender is brought in to help convince him. Yildiz resorts to underhanded means to rid herself of an unwanted ex.

Thursday 12 March 2020
Episode 49

Kemal reveals his intent to Yildiz, but can he really be trusted? Ender and Halit meet to discuss work and potential opportunities for the future, however Halit’s jealous side rears its head, much to Ender’s amusement. Alihan and Zeynep shock everyone as they’re thrust into the spotlight.

Friday 13 March 2020
Episode 50

Zeynep is nowhere to be found after being humiliated at the event. A panicked Yildiz looks for her, and is helped by an unlikely individual. Ender and Caner enjoy the afterglow of the scandalous affair. Cem tells Zeynep she has a difficult choice to make.

Monday 16 March 2020
Episode 51

After her humiliation, Zeynep submits her resignation to the company but Alihan isn’t going to make it so easy. Yildiz’s suspicions around Defne and Halit grow. Ender uses Kemal to learn about the goings on in the house but has a sneaking suspicion that he is holding something back.

Tuesday 17 March 2020
Episode 52

Alihan hires a desperate Emir, causing chaos in their already intense office space. Yildiz confronts Halit with her suspicions about Defne and an agitated Halit becomes explosive within his house. Ender uses her schemes to get Halit to give her a job, promising that she won’t do “too much” damage.

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Wednesday 18 March 2020
Episode 53

With Yildiz caught red-handed, her whole marriage to Halit might be over right out of the gate. Ender sees this as her chance to finally swoop in and get Halit back. Yildiz attacks Kemal for getting involved in her problems and Emir meets what may be the love of his life.

Thursday 19 March 2020
Episode 54

Yildiz tries to remain as head of the house in Halit’s absence but with things so clearly wrong, she struggles to maintain her place. Ender attempts to continue her affair with Halit and Kemal comforts Zeynep after her fiasco with Alihan as Alihan makes plans with a new woman.

Friday 20 March 2020
Episode 55

Zeynep decides to have a night out with her friends but a shocking piece of news puts the whole night into a spin. Yildiz, suspicious of Ender, visits Halit at work to see what’s going on. Ender and Halit decide to set a test for Yildiz and Zeynep walks in on a shocking arrangement.

Monday 23 March 2020
Episode 56

With things still frosty between Yildiz and Halit, she turns to Kemal for help with reconnecting with Zeynep. Kemal begins hiding more from Ender and Zeynep attempts to get Yildiz to finally leave Halit. Yildiz has to choose between her lifestyle and the man that may be her true love.

Tuesday 24 March 2020
Episode 57

Zehra returns home drunk and when Kemal helps her sneak back into the house, Yildiz can’t help but to get involved. Hira discovers something about Alihan that rocks her to her core and Halit finds the truest way to keep Yildiz happy.

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Wednesday 25 March 2020
Episode 58

Hira reveals a secret to Zeynep that completely changes how she sees herself and Zeynep reveals her own secret which turns Hira’s life on it’s head. Yildiz has a final answer for Kemal but, when Ender invites Erdem to her event, Halit’s attention becomes fixed on his former wife.

Thursday 26 March 2020
Episode 59

When Kemal is forced to tell Halit the truth, Halit makes a final, grave decision. The household slowly begins to realise that things may change massively once again, especially once Ender invites Halit over for dinner. Zeynep struggles to find a way forward with her relationship with Alihan.

Friday 27 March 2020
Episode 60

While Halit and Yildiz pretend to be a happy couple, Hira’s anger at Zeynep and Alihan begins to boil over and Ender tells Zehra the truth behind Yildiz and Kemal’s past. Yildiz begins taking drastic measures to cover her tracks and Cem has a massive announcement for Zeynep.

Monday 30 March 2020
Episode 61

While Halit and Yildiz continue to have their problems behind closed doors, Zeynep and Alihan make a decision as to whether or not to broadcast their massive news. Kemal meets with Halit to bury the hatchet but immediately takes a massive risk and Yildiz has a major announcement.

Tuesday 31 March 2020
Episode 62

Halit informs the family of Yildiz’s news but they seem far less than pleased. With the whole family believing this is just a ploy by Yildiz to stay married, Halit remains resolute and informs Ender. Alihan and Zeynep get better at hiding their relationship but Hira hatches a plot that may bring it all to an end.

Premiere episodes of Doodsondes air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19h00.



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