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Lyceum College Application Form 2025/2026 | How to apply online, Lyceum College admission entry requirements, registration dates, application dates, prospectus pdf download, and application closing date for 2025 Intake enrollment.

Lyceum College Application Form

The Lyceum College online admission application form/portal is open to all qualified applicants irrespective of colour, race, ethnic identity, religion, gender, or national origin.

Lyceum Advancement College was founded in 1917 and has a proud history of providing higher education distance learning in South Africa. We were renamed Lyceum College (Pty) Ltd in 2003.

Over the years, we have empowered over 800,000 students to achieve their career goals, combining high quality education with flexible delivery and an innovative approach.

How to Apply Online

Both South Africans and International interested students can apply for the Lyceum College Application Form 2025 provided they qualify and meet the entry requirements for the programme for which they have applied.

Note – Once the Lyceum College Admission Application Portal is closed, new applications will not be submitted. So register now while the applications are still ongoing.

Application forms can be obtained at any of the Lyceum College Sites/Campuses and, or on the College Website;


>>All students are hereby notified that Lyceum will be providing access to Student information/study material of the student’s portal website.

>>Students registered with Lyceum are allowed access to the study material and information on the aforesaid student portal for the year in which the student is registered with Lyceum.

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>>Students attention is drawn to the following conditions on the use of such inform on the student portal website:

The information published therein is the sole property of Lyceum and all and any copyright in such material and all (IP) intellectual property and other information and/or material published on such student portal website falls within the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 accordingly any use of dissemination of such material and/or information without the express written consent of Lyceum is offence in terms of the aforesaid act and in terms of the trademarks registered by Lyceum.

Students are accordingly advised that no distribution of information and/or study material on such student portal may take place either electronically, mechanical reproduction, by photocopying, email, downloading of data on flash drives and/or, any other means whatsoever Student’s found to disseminated such material and/or given whether directly or indirectly to any person such material not entitled to receive such information, will be prosecuted by Lyceum in terms of its disciplinary code as well as in terms of the relevant act in terms of which such materials is protected.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  • i. The information published there is only available to Students who are currently registered with Lyceum.
  • ii. Lyceum reserves that right to withdraw such access to the Student portal by any Student for any reason whatsoever which withdrawal of such access shall be in Lyceum sole discretion.

It is recorded that access to this material and/or information is provided by Lyceum purpose and convenience of the Lyceum students. Lyceum reserves the right to withdraw this provision at any time without notice to any person.

  1. In the event of abuse this information and/or use of the Student portal, Lyceum reserves the right to restrict including but not limited to, refuse access to particular students/ all students to such particular site and addition to take such steps that are necessary to resolve the issue and/or prosecute the issue further.
  2. Students access is for the duration of registration for that particular course/ program and the student undertakes that it shall destroy all copies in its possession once such registration terminates. The Student by uses the Student portal agrees to all the terms and conditions contained herein.
  3. The Student will only have access to the student portal as long as their fees are paid up to date. Access to the student portal will be denied /revoked to any student in arrears with their fees at any point.
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For more information and inquiries, please navigate to the Lyceum College website.

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  1. I would like to know if online registration for 2020 is still open and is it possible to get information how to .. because I want to study through this college ..but distance learning.thanks

  2. when the registration are starting to study Fire Safety and disaster management please inform us on this contact details.0794424489 and 0780961667

  3. I want to register for teaching my name is symphathy nqobile Thwala my number is 0612724199 and my email is ntwenhlenqobile01 @gmail. Com

  4. Good morning I want to complete my diploma in human resources management I already have N6 please help.


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