Old Mutual Bursary 2022/2023 | How to Apply

Old Mutual Bursary 2022 | How to apply for Old Mutual bursary program 2022-2023, application forms, basic requirements, and application closing date 2022.

Are you an Accounting student looking for Accounting Bursaries in South Africa 2022? Old Mutual invites an application from suitably and qualifies students for their bursary program 2022.

Accountancy means money. No company can thrive without good accountants. Becoming an accountant means studying hard and making ling days. It is not the easiest degree to get a hold on.

If you are successfully enrolled with a University you can apply for an accounting bursary.

Every day, Accounting Students are pondering the net about:

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Let’s dive into the full information about Old Mutual bursaries and application details in 2022.

bursary is a monetary award made by any educational institution or funding authority to individuals or groups. It is usually awarded to enable a student to attend school, university, or college when they might not be able to, otherwise. Some awards are aimed at encouraging specific groups or individuals into the study.

Old Mutual Bursary Progam 2022-2023 – Application Details

The Old Mutual bursary is intended for students in the financial study fields because this is the core business of the company. If you are crazy for Math and if you like a good challenge the Old Mutual Actuarial bursary or the Old Mutual CA Accounting bursary might be something for you. Keep reading if you want to know more.

About the Company Old Mutual (OMSA)

Old Mutual provides financial services and they have their headquarters in Cape Town South Africa. Potential careers coming in mind if you want to work for OMSA are in the investment, savings, insurance and banking industry. They also have a strategical partnership with Nedbank which gives them lots of opportunities in offering financial products to their clients

They offer 2 types of bursaries which are related to their core business namely: Accounting and Actuarial. The Bursaries Old Mutual Has to Offer. I will start with the Actuarial bursary and the second part is about the Accounting bursary.

The Old Mutual Actuarial Bursary

If you are self driven and dedicated to catching opportunities and also a whiz kid when it comes to math, this bursary might be something for you. Old Mutual is looking for students with a certain X factor that sets them apart from other students.

If you have completed your study with this bursary you will already have got valuable work experience, but they also offer you a job.

What does this bursary cover?

  • Full Tuition
  • Meals and Accommodation
  • Textbook allowance
  • Travel Allowance
  • Academic support with skill training and workshops
  • Networking Opportunities
  • From the second year, you get a chance for Vacation work to get valuable experience
  • Employment after study has been completed
  • Tutoring is given one-on-one by a highly qualified actuary
  • A rotation program that is in-house to aid development in all areas professionally
  • The opportunity to work with leading experts in the industry and explore all fields to help build South Africa’s impending financial growth.

What Are the Requirements for this bursary?

They are looking for exceptional Math students. You will need an A in Maths (not math literacy) and for all your other subjects you will need a B for Matric.

They require you to study at one of the following Universities:

  • University of Cape Town
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Witwatersrand
  • University of pretoria

Accounting Bursaries

This bursary for accounting includes the following for students who receive them:

  • Full tuition cost at UCT Cape Town
  • Housing Fees
  • Work during vacation time
  • Allowance for books
  • Allowance for pocket money
  • A return flight if Cape Town is not your hometown

How do you Apply for the Old Mutual Actuarial Bursary?

Applying is simple and applying is online.

  1. Go to their website —-> https://www.oldmutual.co.za/careers/actuarial-bursary
  2. Make sure you are eligible to apply
  3. Register/sign up when you hit the apply button
  4. Have your certified documents ready and don’t leave any empty spaces when you fill in the online application form

The old Mutual Chartered Accounting Bursary

If you are ready to pursue your passion for accounting, OMSA is one of the best places to start. Their Chartered Accounting bursary will not only make it possible for you to study, it will also give you the much-needed and valuable experience.

What Does The Old Mutual Bursary for Ca Accounting Cover?

Most costs such as accommodation and tuition are covered with this bursary. Besides that, you will receive a broad exposure to all facets of finance like it is described by SAICA.

You will receive experience in all important spheres of accountancy like financial management, management decision making and risk management to name a few. As long as you are part of their bursary, they will make sure you receive the support you need and ask for.

What are the requirements for the Old Mutual Accounting Bursary?

  • Matric
  • English on level 6 (70%) or higher
  • Mathematics on level 6 (70%) or higher and this is not for Mathematics Literacy
  • Commitment to their CA TRAINING PROGRAM

You will also be required to work for Old Mutual for a specific time frame after completion of your studies and training.

How to apply for the Old Mutual Bursary for CA Accounting?

Application is the same as for the Actuarial Bursary:

  1. Go to their website —-> https://www.oldmutual.co.za/careers/accounting-bursary
  2. Make sure you are eligible to apply
  3. Register/sign up when you hit the apply button
  4. Have your certified documents ready and don’t leave any empty spaces when you fill in the online application form

Only the candidate that gets placed on the shortlist will be interviewed.  If you have not heard from Old Mutual after a period of three to four months from the closing date it falls upon you to contact them for information about your application.

Old Mutual Bursaries Closing Date

Closing date for both Bursaries is 20 June

Old Mutual Bursary Contact Details

When you visit their website you will see they have a chat function where you can ask them questions. You can also go to their contact page for the updated details

Basic Requirements for Accounting Bursaries

Students who want to apply for an Accountancy Bursary are required to have the following to qualify for a bursary.

  • You have to be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Provide proof you will need financial assistance.
  • Willingness to learn and a passion for accounting. Followed by outstanding academic records with a high grade in math

Make sure to read every detail of your Bursary contract. Not every company offers the same rewards and some companies will ask you to work for them as long as you have held the bursary.

Where Can You Study Accounting in South Africa?

Luckily you can study accounting at most Universities in the country.

However, if you have queries regarding the Old Mutual bursary application 2022, Please kindly DROP A COMMENT below and we will respond to it as soon as possible.


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