Thekwini City College Yearbook 2023 – Download PDF

Thekwini City College yearbook 2023… How to download Thekwini City College student handbook pdf 2023.Thekwini City College Yearbook

This post provide information regarding the Thekwini City College student yearbook for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Thekwini City College Yearbook 2023 is what you need to ascertain any admission or application information of the institution. The Yearbook contains all the information a prospective student needs to become a fully admitted student of the university.

Thekwini City College Yearbook 2023

The Thekwini City College yearbook as well as student handbook has been successfully uploaded and can be download, print or access online in PDF via the school official website.

Thekwini City College yearbook provides all registered students with information regarding their respective academic programmes. Students are advised to read the yearbook in conjunction with the study guides that are provided by their lecturers for each (corresponding) module.

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Prospective students must ensure that they comply with the entry requirements for the academic programme they wish to register for. The Thekwini City College admission requirements are set out on the What to Study website and are relevant for the subsequent year – and as such may differ from the current yearbook information.

CLICK HERE to access the Thekwini City College online yearbooks; which includes faculty specific information, all the programmes and modules at the school official website.

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